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REVIEWS:A Wine Journey along the Russian River

A Wine Journey along the Russian River

$24.95 hardcover
Available Now
296 pages, 6 x 8 inches, 20 b/w photographs, 1 map
September 2005, Available worldwide

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California Grapevine

“A fascinating picture of the Russian River, the wineries and winemakers who are able to make wine because of the river’s presence and the wines they produce. This is a must read for any fan of Sonoma County wines.”

Beverage Media Group

“An entertaining and informative read for the California wine connoisseur and wine professional.”

Charles Olken, Marin Independent Journal

“Must-read work for wine aficionados.”

Linda Murphy, San Francisco Chronicle

“For aficionados who crave detail, insider information, candid conversations with producers and assessments of who does what best.”

Tim Teichgraeber, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“One of the best wine books of the year. . . .Only a veteran wine writer and taster such as Heimoff would know which growers and winemakers to interview, and understand how each player fits into the big picture. There’s a remarkable oral history captured here.”

Larry Lipson, Los Angeles Daily News

“Heimoff . . . not only details the region’s wine history but also illuminates the grapey glow of the river’s past and present through numerous engaging personality profiles.”

Anthony Dias Blue, author of Anthony Dias Blue’s
Pocket Guide to Wine

“Heimoff’s wine descriptions are tantalizing, and he includes a useful list of recommended wines and producers for those looking to develop knowledge of the region. His reportage on the development of certain grapes in the area, such as Alexander Valley’s cabernet sauvignon and Russian River Valley’s pinot noir, is nicely balanced between anecdotal and factual. And his descriptions of encounters with prominent growers and vintners, some of which include photos, are particularly enjoyable. . . . [A] carefully researched paean to the geological richness, colorful history and continuously evolving wines of the area.”—Publishers Weekly
“Entertaining and well written, this comprehensive look at a very important wine region provides the sweep of history and personal portraits of the key players. ”

Karen MacNeil, author of The Wine Bible

“The ultimate achievement for any wine is to express its place of origin. And tasting that “place” in a wine is the ultimate turn-on for any wine lover. Steve Heimoff has done a most excellent job of capturing the intrigue of the Russian River region and of making its wines come alive. For anyone who’s passionate about California wines, this book is a must read.”

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