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The Trial of the Century will soon begin



March 18, 2021

The White House today released details of the upcoming Trial of Republicans for Sedition, to begin on June 1.

The Great Hall of the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice, from where so many momentous announcements have been made, has been selected as the Trial Courtroom for the prosecution of Republicans who aided, abetted and enabled the criminal presidency of the now-impeached President Donald J. Trump.

Seated in the Chief Juror’s seat will be former Vice President Joe Biden, flanked by Associate Jurors Nancy Pelosi, George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton.

The accused defendants are Donald J. Trump; his son, Donald Trump Jr., his son-in-law Jared Kushner, his chief spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders, his Special Counselor Kellyanne Conway, Mitch McConnell, the former Senate Majority Leader, Paul Ryan, the former Speaker of the House, Gen. John Kelly, Trump’s former chief-of-staff, Mike Pence, the former Vice President, Stephen Miller, a former senior advisor to Trump, twenty former and current Republican Congressmen and women, and fifteen former and current Republican Senators, including Ted Cruz and Chuck Grassley.

All are charged with various counts of defrauding the American public, sedition, treason, corruption, violating election laws, conspiring with a foreign power, and conduct unbecoming to an American official. The penalties they face range up to life in prison.

The Chief Prosecutor will be former President Barack Obama, assisted by Harvard professor Laurence Tribe, Congressman Adam Schiff and N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo. Attorneys for the defense include Trump associate Alan Dershowitz, Fox News commentator Joseph DiGenova and former Senator Lindsay Graham. Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City Mayor, who was expected to be chief defense counsel, abruptly took himself out of consideration, after his disbarment last week.

The Trial is expected to draw tremendous attention from the world’s media. The White House announced that 74 news organizations, from 56 countries, have registered for press credentials. All pending business of both houses of Congress, as well as major Cabinet departments, is likely to be put on hold, as observers from both parties gather around television sets to watch what is likely to be the Trial of the Century.

At the center of it all is Trump. Since his Impeachment he has relentlessly proclaimed his innocence on all charges, attributing his prosecution to “the Witch Hunt of Angry Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton.” Dividing his time between Mar-a-Lago, his Florida estate, and his penthouse in Trump Tower, the former president has not been shy about appearing in public. Dinners at restaurants and golf are his pastimes of choice, often accompanied by one or more of his children, but seldom by former First Lady Melania Trump, who is said (by at least one entertainment outlet) to be considering divorce. Trump has aged visibly in the year since his Impeachment, gaining a considerable amount of weight, and growing his hair almost to shoulder-length.

His favorite hangout in New York is Club Bimbo, on Broome Street, in Soho, a haunt of prostitutes, upper East Siders out slumming, and rich European heiresses—strange company for Trump, who seems to be reverting to his late 1970s-era Club 54 lifestyle. He has a reputation as a big tipper, a gladhander who knows everybody. But Trump still doesn’t imbibe alcohol. Those close to him suggest that a certain white powder occasionally finds its way up his nostrils, but there’s no proof of that, other than his night-owl hours. Club Bimbo has some good bands, but Trump has never been a dancer. He sits there in his favorite booth, watching benignly over the scene, a paterfamilias lording it over his clan. Every so often, a rumor circulates in his circle, to the effect that he likes to dress up in pantyhose and leather chaps, and there are the perhaps inevitable tales of water sports. But little is known of this side of Trump’s new life, except for the prostitutes, a known quantity for him.

Some who know him say that he’s a different man now, chastened, more humble after the disgrace of Impeachment, and the looming possibility of jail time, not only for himself but for his family. He’s even been seen in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. But for the most part, Trump seems unrepentant, as angry as ever, determined to clear his name. He is not going away anytime soon—unless, that is, it’s to jail.


Live from the White House, it’s Trump TV!



As he previously announced, President Trump has created his own T.V. network, because the Fox News Network is not conservative enough for his tastes. Programming begins tomorrow. This blog,, was given a secret advance copy of the schedule. Here it is:


4 a.m. Tweet With POTUS. Early-birds will enjoy these before-dawn sessions of a sometimes-drugged President Trump practicing his favorite activity. If you’re lucky, he’ll have a Tweetstorm!

6 a.m. Donald & Friends First. Start your morning with handy wake-up tips from POTUS. See Pres. Trump make English muffins slathered in ketchup and M&Ms with his own hands! Watch as he stretches his ankles!

7 a.m. Donald & Friends. President Trump, Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Devin Nunes. A lively hour of news and talk, from the Beltway’s favorite in-crowd. Fair and balanced!

8 a.m. Catch An Immigrant! A fun romp on the southern border! Watch President Trump’s favorite ICE agents hunt down and arrest brown-skinned criminals trying to sneak into America! Kids will love this adventure show.

9 a.m. Mornings With Melania. The gracious, beautiful First Lady of the Land now has her own talk show! Table-setting hints, flower arranging, fashion tips, and special guest stars. Today’s guest is the actor James Woods, talking about the movies he’ll never get to make because everybody in Hollywood hates him.

11 a.m. The Jared and Junior Show. Yes, it’s America’s favorite “bros!” Watch as they perform skits, musicals and jokes. See Jared juggle spoons! Watch Don Jr. tap dance in blackface! You never know when Eric or Barron might show up.

12 p.m. Trump T.V. Noon News. Sarah Huckabee Sanders presents all the latest breaking stories about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

1 p.m. Pray With Pence. America’s holiest-ever Veep reads selected passages from the New Testament and leads our nation in prayer.

2 p.m. The Three. Early-afternoon analysis and opinion from the always-lively trio of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones.

3 p.m. Trump T.V. Minority Report. Roundtable discussion featuring a rotating cast of Negroes, Mexicans, Homosexuals, Women, Cripples and Muslims. Not suitable for children.

4 p.m. Kill Hillary! Game show hosted by the National Rifle Association’s Oliver North. Contestants shoot loaded AR-15s at a giant face of Hillary. The winner gets to meet President Trump!

5 p.m. Trump T.V. Documentary. Hosted by noted historian Stephen Bannon, this features stories about the world’s strongest leaders and why they matter: Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, Attila the Hun, Pol Pot.

6 p.m. The Six O’Clock News With President Trump. Our beloved POTUS sums up the day’s events with his usual fair and balanced analysis. Viewers will love the daily “Lock Hillary Up!” feature.

7 p.m. Dinner With President Trump. You never know what the Eater-In-Chief is going to be having. Chicken McNuggets, Double Western Bacon Cheeseburgers, French Fries—if it’s greasy and loaded with fat, our POTUS will love it!

8 p.m. Those Funny Trumps! Family sit-com starring the whole gang: Donald, Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, Melania and Barron. Zany skits, pranks, gags. Your funny bone is guaranteed to break!

9 p.m. Dial M For Mueller. Com-Dram. Follow the mis-adventures of the inept FBI operative, Matt Mueller, as he stumbles his way through botched investigations. The dumbest cop since Toody and Muldoon! Starring James Woods as the hapless Mueller.

10 p.m. Home Shopping With Ivanka! Ladies will love the First Daughter’s shopping show. Discounts on Ivanka’s designer shoes, purses, gowns. Ivanka hosts, with co-host Gen. Kelly.

11 p.m. Signoff with Mitch McConnell. The Majority Leader ends our programming day with more prayers and a Special Salute to the Commander-in-Chief. Singing of the Star Spangled Banner by Roseanne Barr.


The Trump Family Goes to the Mattresses



Scene: The White House living quarters

Present: Donald Trump, Melania, Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, Jared

DT: Okay, everybody, we’re at war. Ivanka, what’s your plan?

Ivanka: Daddy, me and Jared are moving to the Saudi Embassy. I packed all my Stella McCartney ath-leisurewear and 40 pairs of shoes!

Jared: That’s right, Sir. And I moved $40 million in cash to our account in the Caymans.

DT: Forty million? Is that enough?

Jared: Well, for a few weeks.

Ivanka: Jared, did you remember to stock up on Beluga?

Jared: Sweetheart, I’m sure the Saudis have plenty of caviar.

Eric: Dad, do you want to hear my plan?

DT: No. Don Jr., what’s your plan?

Don Jr.: Well, Pops, Kimberley and myself will stay at our cottage in Mustique until this blows over.

DT: How’s Kimberley doing?

Don Jr.: She’s pissed that Gavin’s gonna be Governor.

DT: He’s a clown. I think he’s gay.

Ivanka: I do too, Daddy. I met him once. I thought his wrist was a little limp. But he’s pretty!

Melania: In old country we know what to do with these Queers. We shoot them, then dump body in Danube.

Jared: That seems a little harsh, Mom.

DT: Hard times call for harsh measures, Jar.

Eric: Dad, I wrote that saying down. It can go in my book, The Wit and Wisdom

DT: Melania, are you packed? We may have to leave quickly.

Melania: I am way ahead of you Donald, there. I send three trunk of gowns to chateau in Nice.

DT: Nice? Isn’t that in France?

Melania: I thought it was in Europe?

Jared: Mom, Nice is in the south of France.

DT: I don’t want to go to France. That idiot Macron lives there. I hate him. Hate him! We might not be safe in France.

Eric: I don’t think—

Jared: I agree with Dad. Macron is a Schumer Democrat. He could have Dad arrested and extradite him.

Melania: I had Amazon package expedite. So quick and easy, especially if you’re Prime member.

Jared: Extradite, Mom, not expedite.

Melania: What’s difference?

DT: Mel, pack plenty of chocolate cake. If I’m going into exile, at least I’ll eat well!

Melania: Oh, darling, you’re getting so, how you say, fat? Why not try Wheat Thins?

DT: And wherever we go, make sure it’s near a KFC.

Eric: I had a bucket of KFC yesterday.

Don Jr.: Dad, are you going to give the word to your foot soldiers?

Ivanka: I was wondering the same thing.

Jared: All it would take, Sir, is for you to tell them to mobilize. We could take over the country in a few hours.

DT: I’m considering it. Bannon tells me they’ve been getting ready for more than a year. He figures they can have 100,000 armed guerillas take over local governments and media centers.

Ivanka: Good! They should take over CNN and arrest Wolf Blitzer.

Melania: He’s a homo.

Don Jr.: That Chris Matthews is even worse. They should arrest all of them.

Jared: And they should shut down the failing New York Times.

Melania: I think there is fried chicken in Nice.

DT: We’ll shut them all down. Every one of the snowflakes. They’ll be sorry.

[Jared’s cell phone rings]

Jared: Dad? It’s Netanyahu. [Trump takes the phone]

DT: Bibi? That you? I’ll put you on speakerphone.

Netanyahu: Donald! Oy gevalt, what’s this I hear?

DT: It’s true, we’re going to the mattresses. We’re at war with the liberals and the fake news media.

Netanyahu: Can I help, Donald? You want to borrow my Mossad?

DT: Can they take Mueller out and make it look like Hillary did it?

Netanyahu: They can do anything, Donald.

Melania: Donald, dear, is that Bibi? Tell him tell Sara stay strong! She’s so misunderstood. So what if she kick servants around? That is what servants for.

Ivanka: I’m very nice to our servants. Isn’t that right, Jared?

Jared: Yes, dear.

DT: You have to let them know who’s boss. You have to be tough, like the way I kick Lindsay around!

Eric: Dad, you’re the toughest—

Melania: Speaking of servants, Donald, did you get rid of that awful Ricardel person?

DT: Yes, my pet. She no longer works in the White House.

Melania: I want her in jail.

Ivanka: Mom, what did she do, anyway?

Melania: She pushy bitch.

Eric: Pushy.

Don Jr.: Dad, do you want her in jail? I can pass the word to Whitaker.

DT: I’ll tell you who I want in jail: Pocahontas.

Ivanka: I know, Daddy! And she’s so dumpy. Women are just jealous of me because I’m a size 2.

Melania: I’m size 2, sweetie.

[all silent]

Eric: I have a plan—

[Trump’s phone rings]

DT: Hello? Vladimir! Nice to hear from you. What’s up? Yes, I’m still your little poodly-woodly, Vlad. Yes, your good little lap dog, slurp slurp. What? The pee-pee tape? You’re not going to release it, are you? Good, Vlad, good. Say, by the way, you didn’t do a very good job in our Congressional election. What’s up with that? Oh, you’ll do better in 2020? Well, that’s good. Yes, Vlad, yes, I’ll continue to undermine NATO, if it’s so important to you. Okay, well, you have a nice day too. Bye!

Eric: How is Uncle Vlad doing, Dad?

DT: Jared, can’t you get the Jews to vote Republican? I thought you were tight with them.

Jared: Just Chabad, Dad. You know, the crazies.

DT: What’s wrong with the rest of them?

Jared: They’re all snowflakes. Twinkies. Homos.

Don Jr.: I knew a Jew once. He was a homo.

Melania: Back in home country, we not like Jews. Old timers know what to do with them. [she draws a hand across her throat]

DT: Yeah, well, first we have to win this war and then we can deal with our enemies.

Eric: We have lots of enemies, don’t we, Pops?

[Trump looks at Eric, ignores him]

DT: Say, I’m getting hungry. Mel, call the Secret Service and tell them I want a Big Mac. No, make that four Big Macs, with fries and a chocolate shake. Two chocolate shakes. While I’m waiting, I’ll be tweeting about cereal.

[This is Steve] Have a great weekend! Stay strong and Resist!



Put on your Hazmat suit and Sewer Boots, we’re visiting The Daily Stormer



Stepping into dogshit isn’t the most pleasurable thing, but journalists sometimes have to subject themselves to nasty experiences in order to understand and report what’s really happening. It was in this intrepid spirit of discovery that I visited the website of The Daily Stormer [TDS], which calls itself “the most censored publication in history.”

I don’t know that that characterization is accurate; at any rate, the “other” most censored publications in history—Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Tropic of Cancer, Lolita, The Satanic Verses—are High Literature, whereas The Daily Stormer is the dogshit to which I referred. But as I say, in the spirit of journalism, I offer you this brief description of it, so that you, yourself, don’t have to go there.

Most of TDS’s articles are on these topics:





Anti-Media [except for fox]




of which the last, anti-Semitism, constitutes the core of TDS’s raison d’etre. The attacks on Jews are truly bizarre: it’s not in the particulars, which vary from day to day, but in the psychoneurotic obsession the site’s writers have with Jews. Do they secretly envy us? Hitler too suffered from this obsession; it drove him insane, and because nobody stopped him, 80 million people died, large tracts of Europe were reduced to rubble, and Germany ceased to exist as a country.

Trump may have a similar legacy; we’ll see. In the meantime, if there were a satiric publication that pretended to be anti-semitic, a sort of Colbert Report parody of race-baiting violence, TDS would qualify. It’s so patently ridiculous–think Mad Magazine–that you can hardly believe these people are serious. “Jewish Comic Book Propagandist Stan Lee Finally Dies.” I mean, really?

 The National Enquirer achieved its reputation for satiric humor with funny headlines like “Supreme Court Justice Scalia Murdered By A Hooker.” Intelligent people understood that the Enquirer’s stories were fake, and that its headlines were written by very talented, rather cynical New Yorkers who knew how to catch shopper’s eyes. What we didn’t know (but do now) was that the Enquirer’s publisher, David Pecker, was a closet supporter of Trump; Pecker’s lies were meant to influence feeble-minded, low-information white people to hate on Democrats.

The Daily Stormer is the online equivalent of The National Enquirer. Much creative effort goes into crafting its articles  in a way that maximally excites white, rightwing nationalists. TDS’s publisher, Andrew Anglin, works in the David Pecker mold, with an additional twist: his idol is Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s chief propagandist, who invented many of the modern techniques of inciting race hatred amongst the neurotic, frightened masses.

(Standup segue: Here’s a headline inspired by the National Enquirer and The Daily Stormer: Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Caught in Gay Sex Orgy With Eric and Donald Trump Junior)

The name, Daily Stormer, was appropriated by Anglin from the newspaper Der Sturmer, one of the Nazi Party’s favorite rags (which, incidentally, Hitler privately ridiculed). TDS’s connection with Nazis stems directly from Anglin’s fascination with them; his most memorable quote is By the Grace of God, I found Adolf Hitler.”

I have found myself lately caught up in debates over what constitutes free speech. Rightwingers have criticized my writings concerning Isabella Chow, the conservative Christian who is leading the anti-transgender fight on the U.C. Berkeley campus. Her supporters ask me why I would censor Chow but allow, say, Bernie Sanders to speak on campus. My response has been that not all “free” speech is equal. We do not allow certain forms of speech that are based on inciting violence. You can’t tweet that you want to kill Trump without expecting a nasty visit from the Secret Service.

Free speech is an important issue, and we do have to tread cautiously when we make decisions about what’s allowed and what isn’t. When all those social media companies—Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Spotify—removed Alex Jones’ (Info Wars) content, they certainly engaged in censorious behavior: let’s be clear about that. But they made the decision—correctly, in my judgment—that preventing the violence Jones’ comments provoke outweighs in importance protecting his free speech rights.

Surely we can agree with their decision: some forms of expression have to be eliminated to protect domestic tranquility, a phrase the Founders included in the Preamble to the Constitution, by which they meant that peace, calm, and law and order ought to prevail in America, for the benefit of all. When you have voices like Jones’, Anglin’s, Chow’s and, yes, Trump’s instigating hatred and fear, that is the opposite of “peace and calm.” They provoke, not domestic tranquility, but domestic terrorism. Unless you desire domestic unrest—which can lead only to the worst possible outcome—you have to be in favor of silencing these voices. If you had a wound you wouldn’t keep picking at it; you’d leave it alone to let the body’s natural defenses heal you. Same thing: Jones, Anglin, Chow, Trump, they all pick at America’s wounds. They don’t want healing.

But why not? They, themselves, are not honest enough to admit their motives, leaving the rest of us to infer what they’re really up to. Here’s my suspicion: they want civil war. They really do. They think their young white thugs are tougher, stronger, more numerous and better equipped at warfare than we snowflake, elite, gay coastal liberals, if it comes to shooting. That’s where things stand: and with each passing day, I sense what’s coming: open battles in the streets in America, the immediate spark being the Right’s insistence that nothing happen to Trump no matter what criminal activities Mueller proves him to have committed. The rest of us—the majority–will insist on Justice being done. Justice will not be done, if Trump and his brownshirts prevail. The clash will be a stark illustration of that old, rhetorical question: “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?” We’re about to find out.


From the Personal Diary of Donald J. Trump: “My 10-step plan”



Okay, Diary, I gotta get real with this liberal takeover of the House. The way I see it is, I have to solve this problem before Jan. 3, 2019, when the new Congress convenes. If I wait too long, they’ll be subpoenaing the shit out of me, my family and my associates—and I won’t allow that to happen!

So here’s the plan. It’s bold, audacious—but then, I’ve been bold all my life, rolling the dice, taking risks, and it’s always worked out.

Step 1, I just took: firing that lawn jockey, Sessions. Mister Magoo can go back to fucking Mayberry.

Step 2, Replacing him with my boy, Whittaker. Dear Diary, Whit told me that he’ll stop the Mueller investigation in its tracks. He promised to shrink its budget by 75%, which means Mueller’s going to have to cease and desist. He’ll be lucky if he can still buy donuts. I don’t have to fire him,  just starve him to death.

Step 3, Whittaker also promised that when Mueller issues his report—to him, Whittaker—it will not be released to the media or the public, except for parts that are favorable to me, which we’ll leak through the usual suspects. But the full thing will never see the light of day. I can say it totally exonerates me, and nobody can contradict me. Hannity, Rush and the rest of the boys will confirm that there was no collusion, no obstruction, nothing wrong at all.

Step 4, Launch a counter-investigation of Democrats. Nunes promised me he’s already working on this: Hillary’e emails, of course, but also Maxine Waters’ ties with known black radicals, Schiff’s sexual practices, Pelosi’s husband’s links to the Mafia, Obama’s secret deals with the Chinese, Nadler’s real estate scandals, that gay blogger Heimoff’s shady past–the whole nine yards. My F.B.I. is providing me with plenty of ammunition to silence these elite liberal thugs, and my I.R.S. is all over this like white on rice.

Step 5, Create a huge diversion that will terrify the American people. This should be done by mid-December, just as we’re going into the holidays. The death toll, unfortunately, will have to be high, but that’s war for you; it always involves collateral damage. The only thing that matters is winning—and I’m a winner. The plotters will have to be found to be Muslim terrorists, but that will be easy for Homeland Security to arrange. Right now I’m thinking a dirty bomb in midtown Manhattan. Then I tell the American people they’re under imminent attack from terrorists, that only I can protect them. They’ll welcome it when I put the country under martial law and suspend civil liberties.

That’s risk-taking! But I’ll get away with it. Oh, the liberals will scream and howl and call for my scalp, but they’re already doing that. Besides, it will thrill my supporters when I shut down CNN and MSNBC and the failing New York Times. Not to mention Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, the Washington Post, Heimoff’s blog (which we’ve already tried to kill) and all the other liberal snowflake media outlets. What the hell are they going to do about it? Nothing. Let them cry all they want.

Step 6, Place the National Guard under my direct control. Then I get the Secretary of Defense, my man Mattis, to appoint me a General of the Army, outranking all other officers, which effectively puts the Armed Services of the United States under my personal control. And then direct my Army to crush my opposition using whatever means are necessary. I’ve had it up to here with these anarchists and Antifa thugs.

Step 7, Order the Secretary of the Interior, my man Zinke, to identify Federal lands where we can build mass detention centers to jail my political enemies. The government owns vast tracts of land out West; we’ve already started looking into this in Idaho, and I figure I can detain up to a million people in these camps. Again, the Democrats will howl, but there’s not a thing they can do about it.

Step 8, right before swearing-in day, maybe on Jan. 2, announce that the new Congress cannot be seated until their personal loyalty to me has been proven. From what I can tell, many if not most of these new Democrats are not loyal to me. They may not even be citizens. They may have contributed money to ISIS or the Taliban. Who knows? But we have to find out. They may have been involved in voter fraud and other crimes, even pedophilia. We have to know everything about them before I will permit them to take office.

Step 9, Arrest everybody in those caravans. Whittaker tells me the first batch of them should be arriving at the Texas border by Thanksgiving, although the date isn’t exact. When they do, my Army will physically prevent them from approaching the crossing. I’m told it’s likely that criminals and rapists in the caravan will throw rocks or Molotov cocktails or burn tires or commit other acts of civil violence. I will instruct my soldiers to have zero tolerance for criminal acts. They are free to shoot on sight. That’s something Bibi taught me: how to be tough with demonstrators!

Step 10, Cancel the 2020 elections, as long as the national emergency lasts—and believe me, it will last! Continuing acts of terror. Continuing threats from overseas. Explosions, mass shootings, violence, arson, civil unrest, sabotage, assassinations, synagogue attacks, Internet shutdowns–even if I have to order my security forces to do a lot of it themselves. There is no Constitutional reason I can’t declare myself President-for-Life. The American people will be begging me for help. I’ll have the Senate and the Supreme Court on my side. Screw the House. Let Pelosi whine her ass off, there’s nothing she can do to stop me. I’ll just shut the damn House down. Maybe I’ll send Pelosi to one of the camps. She can bunk with Hillary, that dyke.

I guess you could say there’s an 11th Step: having Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and other media commentators on my side influence their simple-minded followers through lies and appeals to hatred. But that’s not really a “step” for me to take. It’s been going on for a long time, it will continue, and they’re one of the reasons I’m here. So while I welcome it, I can’t take pride of ownership. Mr. Limbaugh: Mr. Murdoch: I salute you! Heil!

I’m on a roll, Dear Diary. Rested, tanned and ready to rock. And after I’m gone, which I hope won’t be for many years, there’s Don, Jr., Jared and Ivanka to take over. Welcome to Trump World, you liberal losers. Bwahaha!

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