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Will there be a white backlash to the Left?


I write this as a warning to the Democratic Party, of which I am a proud member.

White people, and not just white men but women too, are increasingly turned off by the “cancel culture” they see happening in America, which is being fostered by the extreme left. I admit I have no statistical evidence to support this claim. But the anecdotal evidence for it has become clear to me in recent months.

Here are examples of that evidence:

• Numerous friends who have children in their 20s tell me their kids are attracted to the Republican Party. They don’t particularly like Trump, but they like what they perceive the GOP stands for: free enterprise, the work ethic, raising yourself up by your own efforts, adherence to the law.

• An old friend, a white guy my age who’s as liberal as anyone, sent me this link to an article by a woman who is essentially standing up for Andrew Cuomo. Her key phrase: “None of the ‘sexual harassment’ allegations leveled against him to date strike me as anything worse than obnoxious behavior.” Her strong suggestion is that #MeToo has gotten out of control.

• Another close friend, also a white guy who’s a lifelong Democrat, told me he signed the petition to recall Gavin Newsom because he saw an advertisement from Newsom accusing petition-signers of being white supremacists. “I am not a white supremacist,” my friend said, “and I resent being called one.”

• From local social media, including, I see how lots of white people are upset by the “defund the police” movement, and angry that crime here in Oakland is rampant, while reading that the police are reluctant to respond to any but the most urgent calls for help. This, even as the most radical members of our City Council are demanding huge reductions in the police budget.

• And, of course, there were the glaring losses in Congress suffered by Democrats in the 2020 elections. I attribute these losses to white voters who detested Trump, but didn’t like the violence, chaos and anti-police rhetoric they see in our cities.

All of this leads me to conclude that the reason Trump lost is not necessarily because of the things he espoused, but because voters saw him for what he is: an ugly, amoral and repulsive human being. Were the Republicans to find a likeable candidate next time around, I think there’s every chance he or she could win.

What do I mean by “cancel culture,” and what are examples of it? I cite my own experiences. Years ago, we had a West African family move into my condo building. They put up a clothesline on their deck (which faced the street) and hung their clothes to dry. I was president of the board of directors. We had a meeting, at which we unanimously decided to tell the family they could not hang their clothes up on their deck because it was unsightly. They promptly accused me and the board of racism. That’s cancel culture.

A few months ago, a woman moved into our condo building. She had two small dogs who were annoyingly loud, with constant barking—clearly in violation of published building rules. I left her a note to please keep her dogs under control. She wrote me back, accusing me of discrimination. I hadn’t even met the woman when she wrote that, and to this day I have no idea what her race is; to me, she looks white. That’s cancel culture.

The other day I was in the express line (“15ish items”) at Whole Foods. A young Asian-American woman was ahead of me. She must have had at least thirty items. I pardoned myself, pointed to the sign, and suggested she was in the wrong line. She accused me of being anti-Asian. That’s cancel culture.

It looks to me like you can’t criticize the behavior of anyone of color without being accused of racism!

People naturally react negatively when they’re accused of something that isn’t true. But political correctness in this country has reached such a point that folks are afraid to say anything that could be construed as racist, even when they know that it’s the behavior, not the skin color, they’re criticizing. So they keep their mouths shut, and this leads to resentment.

Trump took advantage of that resentment. He expressed what many people think but are afraid to say. Yes, he went too far. He showed us where the line is and then he crossed it. And his Proud Boy/QAnon/evangelical followers went even further than he did in hatred and stupidity. Most Americans want equality for everyone. They understand what people of color have gone through and are going through, and they’re willing to be made uncomfortable, if that’s what it takes to even things out. At the same time, they want safe communities, in which everyone—white, Black, Brown, Asian-American—adheres to the norms of society: respect your neighbor and your neighbor’s property. Follow the rules. Play nice in the sandbox.

The problem, it seems to me, is that a lot of people are not playing nice in the sandbox, but those of us who do play nice are unable to point out this inconvenient fact. Well, I just did. There’s a lot of bad behavior on the left, and it needs to stop. I expect some people will take my remarks the wrong way and hurl them back into my face by calling me a racist. That, too, is cancel culture. All I’m trying to do is save my beloved Democratic Party from destroying itself. My memo to the left is: If you want a Republican Congress in 2022 and a Republican President in 2024, keep doing what you’re doing.

  1. After the liberals and leftists totally eat themselves with cancel culture, race grifting, poverty pimping and the general lies of modernity they are pushing we are going to see a real right wing resurgence in the ussa, quickly going full communist.

    Its just the natural order. Here’s looking forward to it.

    Calling yourself a “proud Democrat ” in 2021 shows how detached from reality you are.

  2. I love how these trumpers, like “Perry,” are so quick to cancel-culture our liberal ideas of equality and inclusion by falsely labeling them as “communist.” What a paucity of ideas they suffer from. Anything their lying fuehrer, trump, says is true. They are a sorry, decrepit bunch of deplorables, just as Hillary said, and they have no future in America.

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