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Oakland is all abloom: A photo essay


Politics, schmolitics. Time for some pretty pictures.

The weather has been warm and dry for months. Even though we’re technically deep into winter, we’re having False Spring, and everything that blossoms is partying like it’s May. Here are a few of our growing things I saw on my walk through Oakland yesterday. Maybe some of my horticulturally-minded friends can identify the flowers whose names I don’t know.


These climbers are everywhere, even in the deep inner city, bringing a touch of jazzy color and class.

Passion Flower

I’ve loved these exotic flowers since I moved to California in 1978 and planted a stalk in the backyard. By the next year, it had exploded all along the fence.

California Poppy

These are so pretty and gay. I love how they’re growing through the railing.

Flowering bush

I don’t know what these are, but they lit up the street.


Rosemary grows everywhere, all year long, but I don’t often see it this flowery!


We have a couple of non-flowering magnolia trees in front of my building, but this beauty a few blocks away is just bursting with color and scent.


Is there any flower more springtimey than yellow daffodils?

Little orange beauties

I don’t know what they are but they turned me on. They’re growing wild in a construction site owned by Kaiser Permanente.

Little flowers

These cute little fuchsia-colored babies are another variety whose name I don’t know.


Is there any flower more beautiful than a red rose?

Bird of Paradise

This guy was getting a little long in the tooth. But he’s still gorgeous.

Mustard flower

Wine country isn’t the only place where this quintessential Spring flower blossoms. It’s common all over Oakland.

Meyer Lemon Tree

The lemon flowers are gone, but these fresh, sweet fruits are at their best now.

Tiny pink-violet flowers

Another breed I don’t know. Such pretty ground cover!

Red flowering bush

This was in someone’s front yard. It looks like it could use some garden care, but it sure is eye-catching!


They’re pretty drought-resistant, so even in this dry winter, they’re growing all over town.

Flowering tree

I don’t know what it is. The color was magical. From every angle, there were different hues, as the light shifted from sun to shadow.

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