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We won!


It’s wonderful how we, the People, beat back the thugs who launched their Jan. 6 coup.

Our government rose up, mobilized its resources and gave the thugs a loud, clear message: stand the fuck down. In Washington, D.C. and in the fifty states, cops, National Guard and other uniformed peace officers stood, and still stand, shoulder to shoulder, ready to shoot-to-kill if it should become necessary.

And so, yesterday, Jan. 17, which was supposed to be Bloody Sunday, the big news nationally was that nothing happened. A few lunatics showed up here and there, in MAGA hats and waving their little signs about God, but nobody really cared. They paraded around, with rooftop snipers keeping them in the crosshairs, and then they went home to their trailer parks.

I’m not worried about Jan. 20, Inauguration Day. Nothing major will happen. Fundamentally, the thugs are bullies, and like all bullies, they’re tough when facing no opposition, but as soon as somebody big and strong stands up to them, they slurk back to where they came from, their tails between their legs in shame and defeat. How ridiculous these people are, how mired in schizophrenic delusion, to think they could actually overthrow the government.

In a little more 48 hours, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in. Tomorrow, according to reports, Trump will fly his fat ass off to Mar-a-Lago, never again to see the inside of the White House. The nation will heave a gigantic sigh of relief: Good riddance to bad rubbish! Then, hopefully, we won’t hear much from Trump and his atrocious family of thieves and grifters. I’m sure he’s trying to figure out how to stay visible, but now that he’s banned from Twitter and Facebook—for life—that’s going to be much harder. Maybe he’ll start his little T.V. network, but I doubt that it will work out for him. Even the deadenders who are addicted to his cult will find it boring; I can envision some racist yahoo in Mississippi changing the channel from yet another Trump tirade about the stolen election to catch the Ole Miss Rebels on ESPN.

As for Ivanka, her so-called “fashion design” career tanked years ago, and it will be impossible for her to revive it, or do anything else entrpreneurial, because everybody hates her. Donald, Jr. and Eric? Ditto. Any business project that has their fingerprints on it will go down the toilet, boycotted by consumers and shunned by investors. And Slick Jared Kushner? Lord only knows where he’ll end up. Shunned in New York, loathed around the country, his future real estate deals likely be limited to authoritarian states, like Kuala Lumpur and the Emirates.

I’d like to live long enough to see the word “trump” become a synonym for sickness, depravity and crime, especially in the political area. I’d like to see the Trump family go bankrupt. I’d like to see them have to sell Mar-a-Lago to Michael Bloomberg or Jeff Bezos. I’d also like to see Joe Biden and Kamala Harris preside over one of the most successful first administrations in U.S. history. Here’s a nice scenario: after four years of a brilliant presidency, during which COVID is conquered, the economy is restored to strength, the U.S. regains its position on the world stage, and the evangelical-white supremacist ignoramuses are crushed, Biden announces he will not run for a second term. Kamala Harris, unopposed for the 2024 Democratic nomination, easily goes on to win the presidency in a landslide. There remains perhaps 10-15 percent of the American population who are Trump losers, but we can control them handily. Eventually, they die off, and one of these days, Americans will look back at this period, 2016-2020, as a bizarre, sickening aberration, rather like a bad case of COVID-19.

  1. Julie Howard says:

    I thought you’d enjoy this

    By Sheila Dershowitz
    Good night loon,
    Good nigh goon,
    Good night nastiest
    man in the room.
    Good night lies,
    Good night spies,
    Good night rants and
    Good night twitter
    Good night tweets.
    Good night all those
    crazy bleats.
    Good night cruel
    Good night sniveling
    Good night wall,
    Good night cages,
    Good night endless
    midnight rages.
    Good night fine people
    on both sides,
    Good night losers, good
    night suckers,
    Good night evil nasty
    Good night Ivanka
    Good night Jared,
    Good night Barron, we
    hardly knew ya.
    Good night thief,
    Good night grief,
    Good night cruel and
    callous chief.
    Good night fake news,
    And Fox and friends,
    This is how the
    nightmare ends.
    Good night at last.
    It’s time to go,
    The American people
    told you

  2. Lovely! Thank you.

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