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Get yer tickets here for the Republican demolition derby!


It’s such fun watching these Republicans eat each other down in the Peach State, Georgia.

From what I can tell (and not being a Georgian, the situation there is complicated and bizarre), the state’s Republicans are engaged in a circular firing squad more typical of sparring Democrats than GOPers, who until now have been 100% united behind Trump. The split seems to be between moderates (or moderately sane) Republicans, such as Gov. Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Gabriel Sterling, one of Georgia’s top election officials, on the one hand; and, on the other, the truly lunatic psychos on the far right fringe, who have declared war on the moderates. Kemp, Raffensperger and Sterling committed the unpardonable sin of telling the truth about the Presidential election: It was fair, untainted by fraud, and Biden handily won it. What do they get for this? Hundreds of neo-fascist Proud Boy thugs gathered outside Raffensperger’s home, threatening him for certifying the election for Biden, while elsewhere the neo-fascists chanted “Lock Him Up!” about Kemp.

Meanwhile, poor Sterling and his family have received death threats. So insane are these Republican crazies that they’re actually telling Georgia voters to stay at home for the runoff elections on Jan. 5 and not vote!

Now, these Republicans aren’t asking me if I think it’s a good idea for them to stay at home and not vote in the most important Senatorial elections in Georgia’s history. But if they did, I’d tell them, “Hell, yeah! Don’t vote! The election’s rigged anyway, same way the Presidential election was rigged. Your Republican votes didn’t count for Trump and they won’t count for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.” Obviously, this internecine war is good news for Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff, the two Democrats running for Senate. If enough Republicans are pissed off and really do stay at home—or if they’re simply embarrassed by obese, armed militiamen demanding the scalp of perfectly good conservatives like Kemp, Raffensperger and Sterling—then they’re practically guaranteeing a victory to the two Democrats, which in turn would give the Senate to Joe Biden’s party.

It’s weird in an otherwise united Republican Party to see this kind of civil war, but it was only to be expected. Both parties, Dems and Republicans, are huge coalitions hung together by the slenderest threads. The Republicans had unity as long as Trump was the reliable power center of the party. That no longer is the case. Biden’s landslide victory has made Trump a loser, the lamest of lame ducks, and for all the talk of him raising hundreds of millions of dollars for a 2024 run, right now he’s rotting meat in the dumpster. No politician can tolerate a vacuum for very long, and that’s why the strange bedfellows coalition Trump hobbled together in 2016, and kept going through 2020, now is coming unglued. The fabled Republican juggernaut is no more, and for evidence, all you have to do is look at Georgia.

It’s now the Democrats turn to be unified, but of course they won’t be. They’re too stubborn to compromise with each other. You’ll continue to have the Tlaibs and AOCs and other “progressives” screaming “defund the police” even though the most successful Democratic politician since Franklin D. Roosevelt, Barack Obama, is warning them not to. “You can use a snappy slogan like ‘Defund The Police,’” he said in an interview yesterday, “but, you know, you lost a big audience the minute you say it, which makes it a lot less likely that you’re actually going to get the changes you want done.”

Those words are so demonstrably true that only a semi-conscious wombat could object to them. But, sadly, the Democratic Party contains many wombats, such as Ilhan Omar. She was right out of the gate, urging her colleagues to weaken America’s police forces, while her Squad colleague, Tlaib, compared “Defund the police” advocates to no less than Rosa Parks (which reminds me of when Ronald Reagan had the audacity to compare the rightwing fascist Nicaraguan contras to America’s founding fathers.) Then there’s Ayanna Pressley, the Democratic congresswoman from Massachusetts, who is outraged that a few dozen Black people, most of them resisting arrest, are killed by cops each year, but who seems insensitive to the fact that Black people are killed by the thousands by other Black people—in fact, between 80% and 90%  of the time. (For instance, see here and here and here and here.) In this latter report, while it’s true that white-on-white violence is just as prevalent as black-on-black violence (both around 80%-90%), the fact is that there is no great movement on the part of whites to denounce cop killings of whites, while the Black Lives Matter defund-the-police cry has become a cause celebre among progressives. Obama’s point is that if the progressive outrage were directed at denouncing black-on-black violence, it might not only result in far fewer black murders, it would appeal more to white Americans who are just as interested in ending black homicides as the most progressive of Progressives, but who like and respect cops and do not want to see them neutered.

So I’m not holding my breath for Democrats to overcome their own internecine divisions. But it is lovely to see similar cracks erupting among Republicans. Keep up the ground war, Georgia GOP. Maybe your belated Christmas present to America will be Senators Ossoff and Warnock, and then we can get to the business of reversing Trump’s executive orders, restoring decency and common sense to our policies, and holding Congressional hearings and DOJ investigations into what seem like enough Republican crimes to last for years.

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