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Here’s why Trump wants COVID-19 to spread out of control


Chris Hayes, on MSNBC, got some flak when he accused “the entire Republican Party” of “actively trying to spread” coronavirus. The rightwing trumpthugs on Twitter were predictably outraged. “Fire this fraud!” said a guy who called himself The DC Patriot. “Get a grip you lunatic” tweeted another who identified himself as Cuban American. To these trumpers, it’s infuriating that anyone would say something so horrible about them and their Dear Leader.

Well, Chris Hayes is right. Trump wants COVID to spread across America, and so do his rabid cultists. Now, you’re asking why Trump would want to spread COVID. Fair question. There are two reasons:

  1. He wants to destroy America and all of its institutions. As I posted yesterday, he already said he wants the economy to crash; he wants the country to go to total hell; he wants everything to be a disaster, and he wants riots. He said these things, on Fox News; check out the link. What better device to bring about all those catastrophes and cause America’s downfall than COVID-19?
  2. There’s an additional reason Trump and his Republicans want coronavirus to spread in America. It mainly kills people of color. Black people have the highest death rate, closely trailed by Indigenous people and Latinos. (Whites and Asians have the lowest death rates.) Republicans desire a white America (or possibly a white and Asian America). We all know that, even if a lot of people are ashamed to admit it. Republicans can’t kill Black and Brown people the way Hitler killed Jews. They have to do it surreptitiously, and once again, what better way to kill people of color than a killer virus that’s raging out of control?

I know it sounds insane. But think about it: almost everything Trump says and does is insane. And the Republican Party never complains, never stops him, never distances themselves. This is because they want the same things Trump does: general mayhem in America (which they think favors law-and-order Republicans) and a lot fewer Black and Brown people (because they think people of color have less intelligence and vote Democratic).

By the way, this Republican desire to spread chaos and death in America through COVID is also related to their undermining and delegitimizing our democracy. We see this undermining in Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the election, an insanity that Republicans are glad to join him in. Why is Trump trying to undermine democracy? It’s more evidence of his debt to Putin. We don’t know what Putin “has” on Trump (I personally think it’s the pee tape), but we know beyond certainty that Trump has done everything he can to assist Putin; and one thing Putin detests is American democracy. Putin wants America to go down. Trump is sowing mistrust in our democracy, both here and abroad, because Putin wants him to.

Someday, an impartial jury is going to pronounce Trump and his associates guilty of all sorts of dreadful things. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know what their specific crimes are: treason, dereliction of duty, tax evasion, perjury, conspiracy to defraud the American people, interfering in elections…they’ve done it all, and far more. But I know, and you do too, that this is the most criminal regime in the history of the United States. I know, and you do too, that we’ve come this close to falling off the edge, or, rather, of being driven off it, by a cabal of individuals too treasonous, or too stupid, to care about the consequences of their actions. I know, and you do too, that we’re not out of the woods yet.

It was gratifying yesterday to hear Gen. Milley warn Trump (more or less) that the U.S. military will not sustain a dictator. That reassurance was very much needed, with so many of us worried that Trump, Pompeo and the rest of the thugs might not hesitate to impose martial law and overturn the results of the election. Gen. Milley seemed to be saying, “Don’t worry about this. We—the senior command structure in the Pentagon—will protect the Constitution, not Trump.” Still, until that fat ass, Trump, and his klepto spawn are out of the White House and out of government, I, for one, will worry. Hope for the best, people say—but prepare for the worst.

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