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La Guilfoyle: an embarrassment


Kimberly Guilfoyle is clearly nuts, as evidenced by her embarrassing Evita psychodrama at the Republican convention. But she had one thing right: California is becoming unliveable.

But it’s not due to the things Guilfoyle lied about. It’s not because of “discarded heroin needles in parks” or “blackouts in homes” and it’s not because of “riots in streets,” all of which she alleged and all of which are Republican propaganda. California, my state since 1978, does have problems, but not the fabrications Guilfoyle invented. So let me deconstruct The Guilfoyle’s smears.

I live in an inner city in California and I have never seen a “heroin needle in a park.” I’m sure that there are needles, here and elsewhere, but California cities have far less of a drug problem than other U.S. cities, the worst of which—get this—are in Republican states. Take a look at this map of the most opioids per person, as measured by U.S. congressional districts. Every single one of them is red: most of the Deep South, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and northeastern California—one of the most conservative areas in the country. They’re all “flooded” with opioids, of which heroin is one example.

So Kimberly Guilfoyle, STFU and stop lying!

“Blackouts in homes”? Yes, this happens during massive wildfires, because the state’s largest electric utilities, especially PG&E, conduct public safety power shutoffs whenever wildfires threaten to spiral out of control. But that’s a precautionary measure; it’s the only way to ensure that power lines don’t topple and and then spread sparks and fire to adjacent grasses and trees during extreme wind and heat events, the kind that have resulted in the destruction of tens of thousands of homes and hundreds of lives in the last five years alone. Perhaps Guilfoyle, whose current boyfriend is Donald Trump, Jr., is comforted by the fact that Mar-a-Lago is not threatened by wildfires. Maybe The Guilfoyle doesn’t understand that intentional power shutoffs, no matter how annoying, save lives. Or maybe she doesn’t give a damn about saving lives. Either way, Kimberly Guilfoyle, STFU and stop lying!

Guilfoyle is closer to the mark when she screams about “riots in the streets.” As anyone who reads my blog knows, I deplore the arsons, lootings and destruction as much as anyone. But what Guilfoyle won’t tell you is that Donald Trump deliberately fans the tensions that spark the riots. Yes, he believes that riots are good for him politically, so he instigates violence in order to be able to denounce it. So Kimberly Guilfoyle, STFU and stop lying!

Now, here’s the real reason California is getting unliveable, and it has nothing to do with politics. It’s climate change. Our climate is getting hotter. Anyone who lives here, Republican or Democrat, knows that. The last few years have been crazy. Winters are warmer; winter nights in particular are warmer. Our summer heat waves come earlier, are more intense, and last longer than they used to. The Los Angeles basin just recorded its highest-temperature ever, 121 degrees. Even here in cool Oakland, we’ve been over 100 degrees multiple times this year—and our hottest months lie ahead. Most of the recent spate of wildfires—which have now consumed a record 2 million acres—were caused by lightning from an errant monsoon, another example of how our climate is changing. The fires have nothing to do with the lie that Trump constantly repeats—that California isn’t doing enough “leaf raking” in the forests. Lightning strikes have nothing to do with forest management. Besides, the federal government—Trump’s responsibility—owns most of the wilderness and forests in California.

The fires are awful for those whom they directly impact, but their smoke impacts people hundreds of miles away from the flames. Here in the Bay Area, we’re had unhealthy air quality for 23 days in a row, a record, and on many of those days, we’ve been told we had the worst air quality in the world. Everything smells like a used ashtray. Cars are coated with white dust, the ash of burned organic matter drifting down from the skies. When the temperature is 108 degrees and the air is too filthy to safely breathe, even with a mask, you do think about going someplace else. But this is all about climate change, something the Republicans will never admit. La Guilfoyle liked it here well enough when she was the celebrated, socially-connected First Lady of San Francisco, a glamorous fashionista. Now, suddenly, she has decided she hates California—I guess because California hates her boyfriend’s Daddy. So Kimberly Guilfoyle, STFU and stop lying!

Well, look, it’s fun to parody Kimberly Guilfoyle. She’s such a freak, sort of an Ivanka on crack. Her fellow conservatives—white, racist, homophobic, xenophobic members of the Trump cult—love her, the way they love other freaks of the feminine persuasion like Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter and, yes, the notorious Ivanka. It’s funny the way Republicans have a Madonna-whore attitude towards women: they’re either devils if they’re Democrats, or virtuous angels if they’re Republican. Republican voters know they wouldn’t want their sons or brothers to get tangled up with the likes of a Guilfoyle, Ingraham or Coulter, because they’re really bad news. But since they’re Republicans, they can be forgiven, and the more vicious they are towards Democrats, the more forgiven they can be, and hence the more vicious they can behave. Think of those three women—Guilfoyle, Ingraham and Coulter—and then think of Michelle Obama. Which would you rather have in your family?

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