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Revealed: Democrats’ secret plan to destroy the suburbs!


I nearly got killed stealing these plans from the DNC. The office was guarded by Antifa Lesbians, a nasty bunch if ever there was one. You do not want to tangle with those gals!

The plan was developed at DNC headquarters in Washington, D.C. after Trump won in 2016, when suburban housewives who switched from Democratic to Republican provided Trump with his edge of victory. At a secret meeting, presided over by Hillary Clinton, the decision was made to launch the new plan:


The thinking was that the suburbs had to be eliminated as a source of Republican votes, in order to prevent Trump from winning re-election in 2020. Fifteen suburban areas, each adjacent to large cities, were specifically identified as Phase 1: Charlotte NC, Riverside CA, Orlando FL, Birmingham AL, Jacksonville FL, Phoenix AZ, San Antonio TX, Tampa-St. Petersburg FL, Tucson AZ, Fort Worth TX, Minneapolis MN, Cleveland OH, Pittsburg PA, Grand Rapids MI, and Las Vegas NV. In addition, forty smaller suburban areas were identified as “Phase 2.”

The plan, as drawn up in early 2017 shortly after Trump took office, was quite revealing in its aims:

“The goal of OPERATION SUBURBAN DESTRUCTION is to thoroughly destroy the suburban areas of larger U.S. cities, in order to prevent them from voting Republican in future elections.” The plan stated that “all means necessary” would be used to further that objective. Among these were:

  1. Eliminating zoning ordinances that limit suburban development. In most cases, these had been limited to single-family homes or, at best, isolated one- and two-story condominiums. The new Democratic plan called for building “multi-story [up to 150-foot height limit] residential apartment dwellings, each housing hundreds if not thousands of people.”
  2. The plan further elaborated that “Rents on these new apartment buildings will be limited to make them affordable.” The theory was to “encourage” Black, Brown, LGBTQ, homeless people and other minorities “to flood the suburbs, in order to dilute the White population, since it is known that POC [People of Color] tend to vote Democratic.”
  3. A third tier of OPERATION SUBURBAN DESTRUCTION was to shut down “all upscale commercial shops,” including boutique clothing stores, tanning parlors, expensive gyms, pricey restaurants and bars, and country clubs. The plan explained, “We do not want to make the suburbs attractive living places. We want to coarsen the suburban quality of life and drive it as low as is possible.”

At a clandestine meeting in March, 2018, Hillary Clinton was overheard telling the plan’s directors that “OPERATION SUBURBAN DESTRUCTION is proceeding apace. The suburbs are disintegrating, just as we envisioned.” But by late 2018, the plan hit an unforeseen snag: suburban housewives had unexpectedly deserted the Republican Party in droves during the 2018 off-year elections, which gave Democrats historic gains in the House of Representatives. Suddenly, the Democratic Party had to figure out why the suburbs had reversed course. Was it because OPERATION SUBURBAN DESTRUCTION was working? Or did the continuation of OPERATION SUBURBAN DESTRUCTION impend disaster for the 2020 elections?

An intense internal debate ensued within the DNC. Party chairman Tom Perez argued that OPERATION SUBURBAN DESTRUCTION had been successful in turning the suburbs around. Leftwing Socialist Democrats, such as Kamala Harris, countered that the Democratic switch in the suburbs was due to other factors, including Trump’s misogyny and pathological lying, which were turning off suburban housewives. The Perez view won: it was decided, not only to continue OPERATION SUBURBAN DESTRUCTION, but to increase its tempo.

The new plan calls for:

  1. Importing hundreds of thousands of homeless people into the suburbs.
  2. Setting up homeless encampments in the wealthiest neighborhoods.
  3. Taxing wealthy suburbanites so their money can be redistributed to poor people.
  4.  Releasing violent felons from state prisons into the suburbs, where they will be given housing vouchers.
  5. Eliminating private and charter K-12 schools.
  6. Establishing secret Antifa training centers whose cadets will be taught how to loot, pillage and commit arson.
  7. Compelling homeowners to let poor people move in with them, even if they are unable to afford rent.
  8. The closure of all Churches, which will be replaced by Mosques.

As of now (Aug. 26), OPERATION SUBURBAN DESTRUCTION is surging ahead. Whether Trump wins or loses the election, one thing is clear: We are going to destroy the suburbs!

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