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Trump campaign’s vicious attack plan on Kamala Harris



Campaign to Re-elect An Amazing President (CRAP)

Subject: Kamala Harris

We should be grateful to Sleepy Joe for picking such a weak, compromised candidate as Sen. Harris. We have been conducting Opposition Research on her for nearly six months, and have discovered a wealth of damaging facts. Among these are:

• Sen. Harris is a transsexual. He was born Karl Harris, and underwent a sexual change in the late 1990s, at a Havana, Cuba clinic specializing in sexual perversion.

• While in Cuba, Karl/Kamala Harris became a fervant Castro-ite. He/she met frequently with Fidel Castro and, at a secret ceremony, he/she pledged his/her loyalty to him and to Communism.

• Upon returning to the U.S., Kamala Harris linked up with Muslim terrorists affiliated with Osama bin Laden. In 1999, she made a secret trip to Kenya, where she was trained in anti-American propaganda. While there, she met another young, Black American terrorist, Barack Hussein Obama. The two have remained co-conspirators ever since.

• In 2000, Kamala Harris, attending a mosque in the San Francisco Bay Area, was overheard by ____, a Special Undercover Agent on loan from the FBI who was investigating radical Islamic terrorists. She told the Imam, “I hate Amerika, spelled with a ‘k.’ Let us drive the white cracker racists into the sea.”

• Immediately following the events on Sept. 11, 2001, Kamala Harris celebrated with a large group of Muslims in New Jersey. They danced in the streets, shouting “Down with American imperialism” and “Allahu Akbar.”

• Between early 2002 and the summer of 2004, Kamala Harris led an armed group of thieves, who robbed banks and sent the money directly to Al Qaeda.

• As District Attorney of San Francisco, Kamala Harris declined to file criminal charges against seven serial killers, all of whom were Black. She explained that she did not want to “fill our racist jails with my Brothers.” Each of the seven men went on to commit multiple other murders.

• Also while she was District Attorney, Kamala Harris persecuted Christians solely because of their religious beliefs. She was behind numerous sacrileges in which Crosses were smeared with animal blood and feces.

• As Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris engaged in multiple Lesbian sexual affairs with known terrorists.

• In August, 2011, Kamala Harris was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, with homicidal tendencies, by a San Francisco psychiatrist, who later was found murdered. The case was never solved, and Harris’s case files were mysteriously stolen from the doctor’s office.

• In October, 2017, a Los Angeles dermatologist, Dr. Wilfred J. Conklin, told a reporter for Breitbart News that his own investigation revealed that Kamala Harris is not, in fact, Black. Dr. Conklin recovered hair and nail samples of Harris which proved that Harris is White. She reportedly consumes skin-coloring agents to make her look colored.

• Kamala Harris’s husband, Douglas Emhoff, is a well-known Jewish radical. When they were married, in 2014, the two took a vow to protect and fight for the State of Israel, secretly renouncing their American citizenship. They burned an American flag, then sprinkled the blood of a Christian baby on the ashes.

• Kamala Harris is said to be a member of the Church of Satan.

Obviously, CRAP members, we have plenty of ammunition to hit Harris with. Feel free to use any or all of these facts. Contact Kellyanne Conway for details.

Onward to Victory! Heil Trump!

  1. Julie Howard says:

    LOL Steve, you have outdone yourself!

  2. Thank God I have my sources who leak me these secret documents!

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