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Herman Cain got what he asked for


I really don’t see why anyone should be surprised or upset about Herman Cain’s death from COVID-19.

After all, he chose to go to trump’s Tulsa rally. Everyone with a conscious brain knew then, and knows now, that it was completely insane for trump to have a crowded indoor, maskless rally at a time when the virus was surging in Oklahoma. Cain was 74 years old and not in the best of health. He chose to go to the rally without a mask, and without respecting social distance. He put paying homage to his boss, trump, ahead of his own life. Bad choice. He has now suffered the ultimate consequence.

R.I.P. Herman Cain, wherever you are.

Where I come from, we know about this thing called Karma. It basically means you get what you deserve. If you make really stupid, horrible choices, then stupid, horrible things will happen to you. This isn’t vengeance on the Universe’s part. It isn’t because God hates you. It’s because that’s how this stuff all works. Herman Cain chose to be an idiot. He must have had loved ones who begged him not to go to Tulsa. He didn’t have to. But Herman Cain went. He got infected. He got real sick. And now he’s dead from COVID-19.

I said all this on social media and, man, did I get slammed. “How could you be so callous?” they said. As if it was horrible for me to speak simple words of truth. But I’ll say it again here. Herman Cain got what he deserved. If someone told you not to go into the lion’s cage because the lion is dangerous and might kill you, and you went anyway and got killed, whose fault is that?

Now, some people are questioning if Cain actually got infected in Tulsa. He might have picked up the virus someplace else, they say. The extraordinarily right wing, toxic commentator, Ben Shapiro, is leading this charge: There is “no evidence” Cain caught COVID-19 in Tulsa.

But rational people know that the evidence that he was infected there is overwhelming. All those people were screaming their adoration of trump, cheering, hooraying, and with every exhalation, they released airborne droplet of spittle that easily carried the virus—droplets that were breathed in by maskless people and went straight into their lungs, in that confined, hot space.

In the immediate aftermath of the rally, coronavirus infections in Oklahoma soared. The Tulsa Health Department, which began reporting an alarming increase of COVID-19 cases weeks before trump’s rally, noted that, in the weeks following the rally, Tulsa County saw “a sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the area,” with at least 5,005 additional infections. Can anyone in their right mind possibly doubt that Herman Cain died because he went into that petrie dish of viruses without taking adequate precaution? No, and people like Ben Shapiro now join the ranks of other Republican sociopaths in helping their party kill Americans.

How many deaths will it take for one Republican in national leadership to admit the truth? COVID-19 is destroying America. The trump regime, led by a pathological liar, continues to this day to refuse to do battle with the virus—perhaps because it’s people of color who are dying, not rural, white Republicans (although that’s changing fast). Meanwhile, the president who for six months insisted coronavirus is not a problem now is pretending that he has to cancel the election because coronavirus is a problem—at the very moment when the polls show him losing to Biden, and the Senate about to flip blue. Just more lies, only this time, they’re increasingly desperate, increasingly pathetic, coming from an increasingly deranged and disconnected president.

For the last 3-1/2 years, we’ve wondered when “the tipping point” would come, that fabled event that finally would show reasonable Americans that trump is a catastrophic failure. Well, COVID-19 may be just that. The virus proved that the emperor has no clothes, and is stark-raving mad.

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