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Hi everyone, I’m getting tired of finding my garbage and recycling bins overturned every morning. Homeless people evidently are going through them for bottles and cans, but they toss everything into the street, and I have to clean up the mess. Grateful for any solutions/suggestions. Thanks, neighbors! – Greta, Forest Heights

Greta, with so much going on lately, that’s what you’re worried about? Put aside your petty concerns and get involved in changing the system that creates homelessness in the first place! Edith

Greta, great. Another entitled white person bashing homeless people. They should recycle you. Ralph

Ralph, just because you’re homeless doesn’t mean you have to insult Greta. How would you like waking up to garbage every morning? Alicia

Alica, For your information, I’m not homeless. You clueless c**t. Ralph

Greta, you might try keeping your bins in your garage, instead of leaving them out on the street overnight. Then you can put them outside when you hear the trucks coming. Soren

Soren, I don’t have a garage. Greta

Greta, There you go again, complaining. “I don’t have a garage.” Boo effing hoo. You have a ROOF over your head! Be grateful and stop hating on minorities. Dennis

Greta, you are over-consuming, to judge by the quantity of garbage and recyclables you’re generating. Simplify your privileged life! Think of the Planet instead of your next yoplait. MotherHen

MotherHen And what are you doing for BLM? Hugging trees? Jamal

Jamal I happen to be a Black Woman. MotherHen

Greta, try putting your bottles and cans in a separate bin, so our unhoused brothers and sisters don’t have to dig through your dirty garbage. And while you’re at it, they could use bottled water, canned food, and clean clothes. Houdini

Greta, I hope you’re disinfecting everything in those bins. Homeless people are at high risk of COVID-19. For all we know, you’re infected yourself. It is incredibly selfish of you to put infected bottles and cans out there. You could easily be a super spreader! I’mNotDoctorBut

I’mNotDoctorBut I have been tested, and I can assure you I’m not infected. Greta

Greta You may not be. But what about the people you live with? Kaplan

Kaplan I’m 83 years old, and I live alone. Greta

Greta Say, are you that hottie with the walker I see around Forest Heights? Want to get together? Geezer

[Private message to Geezer] Send me your picture through private message. Full facial, please. Greta

Dennis, Greta is not “hating on minorities.” All she’s asking is for them to be neat while stealing her bottles and cans. There’s no reason for them to make a mess! PillarOfReason

PillarOfReason Take your white privilege and shove it. Dennis

Greta, what’s your problem with the garbage workers? They work extremely hard to clean up YOUR mess. Have you ever given them cash for Christmas, or even acknowledged their existence, beyond complaining? Forest Heights doesn’t need newcomer yuppies like you. MrStenson

MrStenson, I have lived in Forest Heights for 37 years. I’m hardly a newcomer. But thank you for the idea of giving them a little something for Christmas! Greta

Greta, I hate to puncture the white bubble you live in, but many if not most of our sanitation workers are African-American. They celebrate Kwanzaa, not Christmas. Please stop being so racist and if you don’t like it in Forest Heights, feel free to move to Miller’s Falls! Cedric

PillarOfReason stop gaslighting! PercivalThePirate

Greta, why do you assume that your overturned bins are the result of “homeless people”? We have, in Forest Heights, many wonderful animal brothers and sisters: raccoons, oppossums, deer and the occasional badger. They lived here before we did, and when we took away their ancestral hunting grounds, we left them no choice but to forage through our garbage. What we have done to them is a holocaust. Please respect our animal neighbors and stop being so selfish! PetaGirl

PetaGirl, it is outrageous for you to use the term “Holocaust” to describe properly-controlled animal management in our city. Six million Jews were murdered in the REAL Holocaust!! That word should not be bandied about willy-nilly. Read your history! RabbiRob

PercivalThePirate Go fuck yourself. Pillar of Reason

RabbiRob, you are hating on animals. God hates you. PetaGirl

PetaGirl, kindly do not take The Lord’s name in vain. I pray for your soul. SisterSister

SisterSister While you’re at it, pray for mine. I need it. Dennis

Dennis, what Forest Heights needs is less people like you. ConspiracyBuff

ConspiracyBuff, Forest Heights was settled by Aliens, the same beings who live in Area 51. Ralph

Ralph, that whole theory has been debunked. You should read my new book. Happy to DM you. ProfessorPoopyPants

ProfessorPoopyPants But what about the garbage workers? MrStenson

MrStenson Go ahead and spread COVID-19. Maybe you’ll die! Ha ha. Kaplan

Kaplan We’re going into the Third Wave here in Forest Heights. I’mNotDoctorBut

I’mNotDoctor But that’s absurd! We’re not even out of the First Wave yet! Moron! Dennis

Dennis We’ll get through this like we got through AIDS. Geezer

Geezer How dare you compare COVID-19 to AIDS?!?! Forest Heights has no room for homophobia! GayGreg

GayGreg Forest Heights used to be a decent, clean town before the gays arrived. PillarOfReason

Greta [to all]. I’m deleting this string. [Private Message to Geezer] I like your picture! Let’s meet at the Senior Center at 3. Remember to wear your mask!

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