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Who is the woman accusing Biden of sexual assault?


Is it a coincidence that the woman, Phyllis Dipshuck, who is accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault is a neo-nazi, a good friend of Steve Bannon and a founder of the Tea Party? Surely, her radical rightwing ideology makes her claims suspicious. Just a day after multiple polls show Biden trouncing Trump in the election, Dipshuck changes the narrative with her spurious claim—after being spotted having lunch with Sean Hannity.

We need to get to the bottom of this. Why did she meet last week (i.e. days before her claim went public) with Kellyanne Conway? What about an email (intercepted by the FBI) from Stephen Miller to Dipshuck, in which Miller, a senior aide to Trump, tells Dipshuck, “If your memory isn’t clear from that period, then ask yourself what Biden probably did. Because he probably did.” And why was Alex Jones promoting the “Biden as sexual predator” lie two weeks ago—after Dipshuck had phoned in to his talk show praising Trump’s “Liberate Michigan” tweet?

If it walks like a conspiracy and talks like a conspiracy, then it is a conspiracy. Period. Look, Trump and his white supremacist thugs are terrified that he’s going to lose the election. Not only that: polls strongly suggest Republicans will lose the Senate, and Democrats will maintain their lead in the House, and possibly increase it. Nothing could be more threatening to Republicans. They’re watching the meltdown of their fantasy of a rightwing Christian theocracy in the U.S., replacing our Constitutional democracy with a dictatorship run by psychopaths like Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, Jr., in which women’s rights would be abrogated, gay people interned for forced “re-education,” and science decried as a liberal myth.

Dipshuck herself is a most suspicious character. To begin with, there’s no evidence she ever worked anywhere close to Biden. She also had formerly filed seven sexual assault charges against other men, all Democrats, in the previous six years. None of these charges was ever corroborated. In throwing one suit out, a District Court judge told Dipchuck she was “the least credible plaintiff I’ve heard in more than 30 years on the bench.” Another judge, from a Federal appeals court who also dismissed a Dipshuck lawsuit, told her, “Your claims are ludicrous. I ought to throw you in jail for contempt.” Dipshuck’s own former husband, Donald Dipshuck, who divorced her in 2012, told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, “Phyllis has serious mental problems. She once accused our paperboy of being a Muslim terrorist. In fact, he was the 12-year old son of our priest.”

According to records revealed under a Freedom of Information Act request, Dipshuck has a lengthy arrest record. In 2004, she was charged by Cincinatti police for indecent exposure within 100 feet of a public school. In 2006, she was convicted of felony check-forgery charges and sentenced to ten months in prison, but was paroled after serving only 30 days. A 2008 arrest charge against Dipshuck accused her of making threats against then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama; Dipshuck emailed him to “Go back to Kenya and put a bone in your nose, or we’ll drag your [expletive deleted] ass back for you.” After Obama was elected, Dipshuck called for his arrest “for murder” and demanded to see the results of blood tests to prove that Sasha and Malia Obama were his biological children. “I’ve heard from credible sources that those girls were really fathered by Jeremiah Wright, which would explain why they’re so anti-American.”

Dipshuck again found herself in legal trouble in 2017, when she was arrested at the violent “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, NC. Armed with a stun gun, Dipshuck attacked a Black police officer. The case was dropped by the District Attorney after Dipshuck claimed the officer had “tried to rape” her, although no witnesses confirmed her account and the officer himself denied it. A friend of Dipshuck’s, who spoke off the record, told the Charlottesville Observer that Dipshuck “always reverts to this fake ‘he tried to rape me’ crap whenever her back’s against the wall.”

Dipshuck has never denied her ties to rightwing extremists. Last year, the New York Post reported she was having a sexual affair with Geraldo Rivera, the failed talk show host who has become a staple of Fox “News” conspiracy theories. Rivera, who has repeatedly claimed that allegations of sexual assault against Trump by dozens of women were “fake smears confabulated by the Democrat Party to take down our great President Trump,” now claims that this one allegation by a tainted woman is enough to discredit Biden from the presidency.

Americans, so far, aren’t buying what Dipshuck is peddling. A recent Rasmussen-CBS poll, taken after Dipshuck’s accusation was widely spread on Fox and on Breitbart, shows that 72% of respondents think Dipshuck is “definitely” or “probably” lying, while only 19% believe her and the remainder say they don’t know. Dipshuck is scheduled to take questions from the media at a “Re-Open America!” rally she’s starring in tonight in Detroit, where the guest speaker is Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, one of the few men Dipshuck has not accused of sexual assault.

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