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My bad thoughts about a certain Republican woman


There was a woman on T.V. the other day. She wasn’t famous, just an ordinary American, in Ohio. They were interviewing her and her husband about the coronavirus. Her husband had a T-shirt that read “Make America Trump Again.” The reporter asked the woman what she thought about the virus, the spread of disease, the impact on the economy.

“Democrat hoax,” she replied. The camera zoomed in close to her face. It was hard, white, deranged, and utterly convinced that everything she’d heard on Fox “News” was the Word of God.

All I could think was, “I hope you get COVID-19. I hope your entire family gets it. And I hope you lose your job because of it.”

That’s really mean of me, no? I mean, we’re supposed to be praying for each other, not wishing catastrophe on our political opponents. I know, I know. I don’t feel good about it; I used to be a nice person. But I’m sorry, it’s how I feel. That woman—her husband—every single person who still supports Trump and buys into the Republican bullshit—they’re horrible, mean, wretched people. They deserve to get sick.

The reporter, who appeared just as stunned as I was to hear the woman’s insane remark, asked her why she thought coronavirus was a “hoax” perpetrated by Democrats. The woman’s reply was more Fox “News” propaganda. “Just like the Impeachment hoax,” she said. The reporter might have countered, “Impeachment wasn’t a hoax. It was real; it happened,” but she didn’t. Reporters don’t want to argue with interviewees, even when the reporter knows that her interviewee is wrong. I suspect what the woman meant was that Impeachment was a Democratic effort to undo the 2016 presidential election—this, too, is a standard Republican talking point. Well, yes, Democrats did try to undo the last election, if by “undo” you mean throw Trump out of office. But there’s nothing wrong with that; Impeachment is in the Constitution; it is an entirely legal thing to do, and the fact that Trump’s Senate majority—in a trance, marching zombie-like to his orders—acquitted him did not detract from the truth of Impeachment, or from Trump’s egregious attempts to blackmail Zelensky and then cover it up.

The question always returns to these diehard Republicans. Nothing will convince them of Trump’s unfitness. Nothing will change their minds. They are beyond fact, beyond evidence, beyond reason or even common sense. One third of the American public, perhaps more, has lost the ability to think critically, or to arrive at a moral judgment of a profoundly immoral man. That is even more dangerous to the future of our country than coronavirus.

And so here we are. As more and more sections of America shut down—entire cities, as well as entire industries—and more and more people sicken and die, and the economy crawls to a halt, what will that Ohio woman and her MAGA husband think? Perhaps their little midwestern suburban community isn’t feeling the impact yet, the way, say, Seattle and New Rochelle are. But it will come to Ohio, just as surely as it came to Washington State and New York State. And the virus will scythe its way through the woman’s community, through her family and her life and perhaps her livelihood. Will that change the way she views Trump? No. “It’s not his fault,” she’ll argue. Somehow, she’ll find a way to blame it on Obama (Trump has already begun this process), and I’m sure she’ll manage to drag Hillary into the blame game.

I gave up on people like that Ohio woman years ago, as soon as I realized how mentally ill they are. How can you rationally communicate with someone who thinks coronavirus is “a Democrat hoax”? They’re probably the same person who thinks that Adam and Eve and little Cain and Abel played with dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden. I’m not even sure we belong to the same species; if we do, I pray for the future of my species. The only way for me to be convinced I’m wrong about the Ohio woman is for her to admit she was wrong about Trump. And what are the odds of that?

So be safe! This is already starting out to be a horrible week. My life savings have lost 30% of their value in the last ten days. We’re in uncharted territory, and there’s Trump, trying to figure out how he can use the crisis to get re-elected. Maybe, he’s thinking, he can just cancel or postpone the November election, “in the name of national security.” I wouldn’t put it past him. Democrats would howl; Republicans would yawn, and pray to Jesus to save President Trump.

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    People like the Ohio woman are lost to the Democrats in November. But I believe that there are plenty of former Trump voters that will vote for Biden. Not all of them are as moronic as that woman. A lot, but not all. Our neighbors had a worker over the other day to fix some kind of heating problem. Apparently he said that the coronavirus was nothing; no worse than the common cold. So there’s another person whose position can’t be changed.

  2. It is astonishing how dumb Trump voters have made themselves. They choose to be dumb. We can’t let them dumb down the rest of us.

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