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It’s done


Donald J. Trump has been impeached. The nation breathes a sigh of relief—but it’s not over! The struggle continues, the fight goes on. Our American liberty hangs in the balance.

As long as Republicans exist in their current form, we’ll have a fight on our hands. It’s not because we don’t believe in compromise and conciliation. We do. It’s because you can’t compromise with evil.

And that is what this Republican Party has become: evil. The virulent homophobia—these awful cultists would harm tens of millions of LGBTQ Americans, and for what? Because the Bible perpetuates ancient, discredited superstitions. This party of white supremacists gives the finger to people of color. A misogynistic president insults women every chance he gets. Why would any self-respecting woman support Trump? He has treated every woman he ever met like a whore. This stupid, dangerous party doesn’t believe in science. This horrendous stain on the body politic stands solidly behind a sociopath, bent on leading America away from civil liberty and democratic freedom to a religious, fascist dictatorship.

And so we fight. I know I live in a blue bubble. I know that vast stretches of America are red, red, red. I see the faces of the people at Trump rallies—violent faces, twisted by rage, laughing at Trump’s insults and put-downs of his “enemies” (his latest salvo, alleging John Dingell is in hell, is beyond the pale)—and I think, Who the hell are these people? I barely recognize them as human, much less American. Are they the Americans that George Washington envisioned? Are they the Americans Abe Lincoln preserved the nation for? Are they the Americans the Greatest Generation fought World War II for? Are they the Americans John F. Kennedy had in mind when he asked us what we can do for our country? Are they the Americans Ronald Reagan claimed had built “a city on a hill”? Are they the Americans who were so proud to see Barack Obama standing tall, dignified and respected?

No. They are the Ugly People, the small minds, the dirt on America’s heel, a clique determined to wreck the Constitution, overturn our traditional values of fairness and mutual respect and replace it with some kind of nasty little banana republic. They—the MAGA hat-wearing screamers—are the kind of poor people Donald and Melania Trump would never let in the door of their Trump Tower mansion or Mar-a-Lago palace—unless it was to clean the toilets. They—the Four More Years crowd—are the kind of uneducated people the Trump spawn—Ivanka, Eric and the pathetic, chinless Donald, Jr.—would never associate with. Jared Kushner and his Orthodox Jewish family put them down, in private and behind their backs, as goyim—and the worst kind of goyim at that, ignorant Jesus freaks. Believe me when I say these words: I know these Hasidic Jews. Not nice people.

The funny thing is, for all the “love” said to exist between the Republican/evangelical far right and the Orthodox Jews, that love is strictly situational. Both sides loathe each other; both believe the other will burn for eternity, as soon as the necessary conditions are fulfilled: the Rapture for Christians, the coming of Moshiach for Jews. Both sides are prepared to polish the blade of the guillotine, to chop off the heads of the others, as soon as they seize power. When you hear the likes of a Franklin Graham, Jr. praying for Israel, he means: Netayahu’s Israel, a racist state, controlled by Russian ex-pats whose only experience of government was the Communist dictatorship of the former Soviet Union. It is, perhaps, no coincidence that Trump’s best friend on the world scene is another survivor of that awful, authoritarian era, the ex-KGB chief, Putin.

I don’t know what Pelosi will do now that her House has impeached. We’ve second-guessed Madame Speaker too often to do so again: every time, she’s outsmarted her skeptics. Amidst all the noise and haste of this crazy election season, I’m ready to let things settle down…find their level…which means, allow the voters to absorb everything, filtering out the irrelevant and stupid, retaining the essential data: Trump’s disgustingness as a human being and the pressing need to dump him, even if it’s for a psychopath like Pence, who believes that Cain and Abel played with dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden precisely 5,780 years ago. Any Democrat would love to run against such a man, who would be a laughingstock in a serious debate.

Will you be watching the Democratic debate tonight? I will.

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