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House Judiciary: “Trump, you stand Guilty before the Bar of History!”

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The most ridiculous, stupidest, dumbest, more ingenuous and fake thing I heard in yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on Impeachment came from Douglas Collins, the Republican ranking member who’s been one of the more incendiary firebrands on Trump’s side. He said (I paraphrase) that the Democrats don’t have a case because they won’t subpoena Hunter Biden to testify.

Did you ever have one of those experiences when you didn’t know whether to laugh or cry? No, the Democrats have no intention of letting Hunter Biden testify, because he has nothing—nada—zero—zilch to do with the Case Against Donald J. Trump. But it’s the Republicans, led by Trump, who are preventing authentically relevant witnesses from testifying: Bolton, Giuliani, Pompeo, Pence, and others, all of whom are implicated in the Ukraine bribery scandal up to their necks.

If you’ve been watching the hearings you’ve seen the Republicans’ faux outrage. How dare, they allege, Democrats accuse this wonderful, brilliant president of anything bad? Of course, when it comes to the facts of the case, they’re mute. There is no rebuttal to the facts: Trump, fearful of his strongest opponent, Joe Biden, attempted to bribe the president of Ukraine to announce a fake “investigation” that he, Trump, could then use to smear Biden. Smear: Trump’s favorite thing to do. Smear Hillary—smear the Gold Star parents—smear Greta Thunberg—smear, smear, smear—it’s what this foul-mouthed bloated dotard does. Trump then obstructed Congress from performing its Constitutionally-mandated job by instructing his lemmings to defy subpoenas to testify. Those are the facts: Republicans haven’t offered a single defense, because there isn’t one.

And so they fulminate. Posture. Pound the table. Sputter incoherently. Democrats are trying to undo the 2016 election! Well, yes, Democrats are impeaching Trump, but the Constitution—the one that Trump routinely pisses on—gives them the right to do so. And not only the right: the duty. When a president commits High Crimes and Misdemeanors, as this one has, the Congress has no choice but to move expeditiously to get rid of him, fast, so he can do no more damage.

P.S. Thank you, House Judiciary Committee Democratic members, for your historic decision this morning: to Impeach this lawless, illegitimate president. Now, the full House will Impeach Trump, while House Republicans will aid and abet his criminality, followed in due course by their supine co-conspirators in the Senate.

Trump is shamed and embarrassed before the country and before the world: Democrats have shown our global friends that one at least one American political party—Democrats—still respects the ideals of justice and the rule of law. The other political party—the one Trump, the sham “president,” belongs to—has thrown itself onto the scrap heap of history, alongside other discredited criminal cults. A sad ending to the Party of Lincoln; today’s Republicans bear more resemblance to Nazis and Fascists. History has a neat way of consigning evil to its darkest, most impugned corners; that is where the Republican Party will long fester.

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