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Trump and his Republicans want to make this a fight. Good. Let’s fight. We’re going to win.

There are a few salient facts to keep in mind.

  1. What is the essence of UkraineGate? The President of the United States enticed a foreign government to illegally meddle in a U.S. election.
  2. This is the second time this has happened. “Russia, if you’re listening” was the first—thereby continuing a clear pattern of solicitation bordering on treason.
  3. Trump and his associates—Barr and the Acting DNI, Maguire—broke the law by preventing the whistleblower from going to Congress.
  4. UkraineGate is far from Trump’s only crime. He has repeatedly and flagrantly violated the Emoluments Clause. He attempted to obstruct the Russia investigation at least ten times, according to the Mueller Report. He abused his power by trying to get Mueller fired. He has broken the law by refusing to turn over his taxes to Congress, which is entitled to see them. He has broken campaign finance and other tax laws by clandestine hush payments to his former mistresses. He has repeatedly lied, or caused his agents to lie, to Congress, to the media, and to the American people.

Have I forgotten anything? Probably. The point is, Trump and his Republicans keep forwarding the myth that Impeachment will redound to their benefit, and against the interests of Democrats. This is untrue. The comparison or analogy with Clinton is not apt. For one thing, Clinton was enormously popular at the onset of Republican attempts to impeach him, whereas Trump’s popularity is in the tank. For another, the “crime” Republicans charged Clinton with was based on a consenting sexual affair; and the American people refused to depose a President just because he cheated on his wife; and they especially were revolted by a prurient Miss Grundy of a prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, who reminded them of all the dirty old men they didn’t like. Trump’s crimes by contrast are massive and widespread, covering a multitude of areas, any one of which justifies removal from office. And he’s still in office! Which means he’s still capable of committing even stupider crimes going forward. And he probably will, given what we know of his impulsiveness, arrogance, disregard for the law, and, yes, his stupidity.

So let the truth come out. Trump can’t stop it. To paraphrase Churchill’s immortal words: “Let the process keep rolling along; let it roll. Let it roll on full flood, inexorable, irresistible, to broader lands and better days.” It is rolling full-steam now. Tomorrow, when Maguire either admits he broke the law or—more likely, on orders from Trump—continues to stonewall before Congress, the process will increase in energy. Possibly by Friday, when the whistleblower testifies in Congress, the onrush will become a tsunami.

And all the while, the House investigations continue. They will gather their evidence, funneling relevant information to the Impeachment managers, who will build the case to an American public already primed to believe in the criminality of their President—moreover, a public already inclined to view Trump as a lying, adulterous asshole.

And what of the diehard Trump lovers? They’re not going to take this sitting down. Check out Breitbart (but put on your haz-mat suit before you go there). The anger, the outrage leak from every page like raw sewage. So far, as yet, the neo-fascists there have nothing concrete with which to defend their Fuhrer; all they can do is quote his tweets. High up on today’s feed is a photograph of Maxine Waters, always a favorite Negro for Breitbart’s racists to hate on. The comments under her photo range from racist inuendoes about her family to such delightful nuggets as this:

The funeral director that did her makeup needs to go back to school to revisit makeup application for the dearly deceased….”

And, of course, there’s the standard crap about the Clintons and Obamas (“investigate them! Jail them!”).

Well, that’s the Basket of Deplorables for you. Too bad we can’t just snap our fingers and make them go away, or wake up and realize it’s all been a nightmare. It’s all ticking down to Election 2020. We successfully launched #BlueWave2018 and I firmly believe we’ll successfully launch #BlueWave2020. Not to sound too vengeful, but when the new, Democratic Congress and a new Democratic President take office on Jan. 21, 2021 (with, let’s pray, Ruth Bader Ginsburg still on the SCOTUS), we’re going to indict a lot of bastards, from Nunes and McConnell to Barr; we may even impeach Kavanaugh; and as for Trump himself, he’s going to have to lawyer up, but this time on his own dime, not ours.

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