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Gays and Jews: trump tries to stir up trouble


I saw a spokesman from the Log Cabin Republicans on T.V. yesterday explaining why his group of gay Republicans continues to support trump’s re-election.

His words (I paraphrase) were, “Well, the president promised us he would tone down the rhetoric on the right against the LGBTQ community, and he’s done that, so we support him.”

Think about that statement. It’s like saying, “Well, the Republican-evangelical party is still punching and kicking us, but at least they’re not shoving pins under our fingernails anymore, so progress is being made.”

Hey you Log Cabin self-haters, how about moving over to a party that doesn’t insult and oppress you—the Democratic Party, where you’d be welcome with dignity and respect?

How any self-respecting gay person can be a Republican is beyond my comprehension. It’s like a Jew belonging to the nazi party, or a Black person joining the KKK. How does that work? The nazis wish to obliterate Jews from the face of the earth; the KKK wants to crush Blacks out of existence. And the Republican Party has been trying for decades to ostracize, marginalize and badger gay people back into the closet.

And while we’re on the subject of the culture wars Republicans are always trying to incite, here’s my reply to trump’s insane suggestion that Jews who vote for Democrats are “disloyal.” I’m Jewish, born, raised and bar mitzvah’ed. I’m 73 years old, and have experienced a lot of history. And I can proudly inform trump that Jews always have been Democrats and will remain so. That is because Jews are idealistic, hopeful, and inclusive people who root for the underdog. Jews have been maligned for millennia. We know what it’s like to be despised by majority populations, hounded from our homes, hunted down like animals and murdered. This is why Jews have traditionally been so humanitarian and welcoming. The Democratic Party, too, embraces humanism. There’s a natural “fit” between Jews and Democrats, and nothing this evil, pompous and vulgar man, trump, says will break that bond.

All that trump is trying to do, obviously, is stir up trouble and divisiveness. It’s what he does every day. But his act is getting thin; even people who supported him are seeing through his hypocrisy and rank self-promotion. If he thinks he’s going to pry Jews apart, he’s crazy. Jews understood all too well where trump is coming from: his pals on the far right are the “proud boys,” the American nazi party, the KKK, the anti-semites in the alt.right, the David Dukes of this country. trump pals around with them, thereby implicitly defending their anti-semitism, and then he postures as some great friend of the Jews. Well, we didn’t let Hitler fool us, and trump can’t fool us either.

Some people say, “How can trump be anti-semitic when his own son-in-law and daughter are Jewish?” Easy. Jared Kushner is a Chasidic Jew and so is his wife, Ivanka. These are not real Jews; they’re a bizarre cult of Jews who broke away from mainstream Judaism centuries ago to form their own close-minded, fundamentalist movement—a movement that has been rejected by the overwhelming majority of Jews. Jared Kushner’s brand of Judaism is like the Taliban’s brand of Islam: ignorant, violent and highly bigoted. Frankly, I’d trust the future of Israel and the Jews to Rep. Tlaib before I’d let Chasidic Jews run it. Sadly, these same Chasidic Jews have an outsized power in Israel because the arch-reactionary, Netanyahu, formed the same kind of unholy alliance with ignorant Russian immigrants as the Republican Party formed with far-right evangelicals in this country. Criticizing Israel for its racist policies towards the Palestinians isn’t “disloyal” to Judaism. In fact, it’s in keeping with the highest moral principles of my religion.

So, trump, once again you’re just lying and provoking. It hasn’t been working for you lately, and it won’t work for you now. #Impeachment!

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