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Both the Right and the Left need to clean up their acts


Mine is an anti-trump blog but in all fairness there are things the Left needs to work on. Both The LEFT and the RIGHT have their faults. Here are six issues both sides need to own up to and correct.


CLIMATE CHANGE: Conservatives really have to move beyond their blind resistance to the reality of climate change, and in particular, man’s role in it. I know that Republicans mistrust “science” and love to poke “experts” in the eye, and they get a cheap, schoolyard thrill when trump calls climate change a hoax. But they’re wrong, and until they admit it, they hurt their own cause.

RACISM: With their ranks stuffed with neo-nazis, proud boys, the alt.right, Steve King and David Duke, the Right really is rampant with racists and white supremacists who hate people of color. trump can’t or won’t admit it; the Right hates to admit it. But it’s true, and until the Republican Party kicks out the racists, they don’t deserve to govern.

HOMOPHOBIA: One would think that anti-LGBTQ feeling has gone away, but it remains dominant in the Republican Party, fed by so-called “Christian” fundamentalism. They truly mark themselves as the party of hatred. They need to acknowledge this and make amends to the millions of Americans against whom they stir up resentment and provoke violence.

RELIGIOUS FANATICISM: The Republican Party has made an unholy alliance with some of the most unsavory religious bigots in America, people like Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jr. and the evangelical/Pentecostal cult. Republicanism has, in fact, become synonymous with religious madness. The Right needs to part ways with this reactionary movement, and to remember that America is a secular nation. We will never become the “Christian” country so many of them want.

ECONOMIC DISPARITY-TAXES: You’d think that, with so many red state trump supporters being poor and lower middle class, they’d want a president who levels the playing field and raises taxes on billionaires to make income disparity less blatant. Sadly, the Right stubbornly and stupidly supports a president who sells out their interests—and who, let’s be honest, wouldn’t allow most of them into his home, except as maids or servants.

TRUMP’S FUNDAMENTAL DISGUSTINGNESS: The Right can’t even admit that their leader is a foul, vulgar, potty-mouthed and sexually-perverted pathological liar and creep. It would be nice to see, for once, Breitbart or Fox “News” come out and say it.

The LEFT has its work cut out for them, too:

DYSFUNCTIONALITY IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY: There’s too much crime, out-of-wedlock babies, substance abuse, disregard for the law and an aversion to the norms and morés of society in segments of the Black community, and Democrats almost never call it out. The Left needs to recognize this and deal with it.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: This really has become an issue that annoys large segments of the American people. The Left needs to stop being so afraid of offending particular interest groups.

DISDAIN FOR RED STATES: I admit to being part of this problem. We tend to treat “flyover states” as trailer parks populated by low-IQ morons and bible thumpers. We need to recognize these people as our American brothers and sisters.

DISRESPECT FOR THE UNIFORM, INCLUDING COPS: Cops are called pigs; people give them the finger; our military troops are seen as exploiters and murderers. This view is too often tolerated by the Left; at least, they don’t actively criticize it. I’d like to see the Left defend cops who are forced to stop criminals who resist arrest and/or threaten them, instead of always crying “police brutality.” And I’d like to see the far Left salute the men and women in uniform, who protect our country.

TENDENCY TO SIDE WITH CRIMINALS, NOT VICTIMS: The Left is too focused on the “rights” of criminals, and not concerned enough with the suffering of victims. Most Americans are acutely aware of this: it feeds the perception that the Left doesn’t care about victims. This needs to change.

TENDENCY TO SEE ABERRANT BEHAVIOR AS “ILLNESS,” NOT CRIME: The Left needs to get serious about punishing crime. Instead, all too often the Left blames criminal behavior on poverty or racism or some other social ill, or else treats it as a disease, like diabetes. Crime is crime; adult criminals must be held accountable. But too often, they’re let off with a slap on the wrist, only to repeat their crimes again and again. This was a big part of the reason people voted for trump.

I realize I’m going to get slammed from both sides for this essay, but this is an important conversation. Until BOTH sides acknowledge their mistaken ways and move beyond their talking points, nothing will change.

All in all, and weighing everything, I continue to believe that the Right is far, far guiltier of horrendous, stupid behavior, which is why I remain a Democrat. But my party—humanistic and inclusive as it is–needs to take a close look at itself.

Thank you.

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