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Send back all the Republicans to their dark, slimy hole


Sometimes, things that Trump and his white nationalists say and do are so disgusting that even neo-fascist Republicans have to criticize them—or pretend to.

Trump’s “Go back” hate speech to The Squad was truly epic when it comes to overt racism: an historic, shameful new low for a U.S. president. Marco Rubio—“Little Marco” as Trump insulted him during the primaries—professes to be shocked, shocked by the Squad tweets, and also by the “Send her back!” slime that was screamed by that Republican audience, as Trump looked on with that self-satisfied, smug smirk of his.

But look at Little Marco’s tweet:

The tweet was wrong & the chant last night grotesque The left wing politicians & many in the media demanding outrage are self righteous hypocrites And the “outrage & response cycle” allows for only 2 sides & demands you pick or else It’s a stupid game that I refuse to play

Little Marco apparently doesn’t know how to use “periods’; is English his second language? Anyhow, he couldn’t even finish his comment before diluting it with an insult to Democrats, calling them “left wing politicians” who are “self-righteous hyopcrites.”

Why couldn’t Little Marco simply have condemned Trump’s tweets and the horrible insults and left it at that? Because he didn’t really mean his criticisms, that’s why. He had to say something critical—his hometown papers were demanding it, and he was hearing from his constituents that Trump had really crossed a line. But by immediately smearing Democrats in literally the same sentence, Little Marco was wink-wink-nod-nodding his rightwing colleagues: “Don’t worry about me. I’m totally on Trump’s side, and on yours. You know I have to pretend to be outraged. But I’m not. And just to prove it, I’ll slip in a little shade on Democrats.”

Trump also had to pretend to distance himself from the North Carolina maniacs who chanted “Send her back.”

Please! Does anyone believe for a second he really “wasn’t happy” with it? You saw the video while it was going on. He looked like Mussolini, his double-chin uplifted, bottom lip protruding, nodding—that is the body language of somebody who absolutely loved the hatred he was hearing for the women of color in The Squad (and the love he was getting from the racists in his audience). He said he “stopped it” as quickly as he could. But T.V. coverage shows him for 13 seconds eating it up before he began to speak again. Another lie!

Lindsay Graham, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, they’re all full of shit. They aid and abet a racist who is creating dangerous conditions in the nation—and endangering the lives of these women of The Squad. Trump didn’t invent racism and xenophobia in the Republican Party—it was already there. But he watered those evil seeds and tended the garden, feeding it the food it thrives on—hatred, resentment, suspicion—and when he was caught tippy-toeing among the flowers of death he pretended he’d accidentally wandered into the wrong garden and “wasn’t happy” with it.


I looked carefully at the faces of that North Carolina crowd as they chanted “Send her back” and it reminded me of nothing so much as the faces of the Nazis during those big Nuremberg rallies for Hitler. Ugly faces, white faces, contorted with violence and hatred, but also something far more troubling: joy. They feel joyous now that Trump has liberated the inner Nazi they’ve had to hide for so many years. He’s given them permission to express it openly, because they know he feels the same way. They are horrible, terrible, awful people, shameful before the God they claim to worship. We defeated them in the Civil War but they haven’t given up. They’re looking for a fight.

Please have a safe, happy, peaceful weekend. Don’t despair, don’t give up, Resist! We will end this felonious regime.

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