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Epstein’s sexual depravity provides a glimpse into Trump’s secret life


The only reason Jeffrey Epstein’s sex scandal is big national news is because of this longstanding ties to his old friend, Donald J. Trump, whose own sexual scandals are mounting.

If not for Trump, Epstein would only be the latest rich white guy accused of sex trafficking and having sex with minors. The fact that Trump has defended him—and his (Trump’s) own Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta, may have helped Epstein get off light last year, when Acosta was a U.S. Attorney—has pushed this case into the national spotlight, although you’d never know it if your only “news” sources are Fox and Breitbart, which isn’t even reporting it.

When Kamala Harris said there’s a “predator living in the White House,” she knew exactly what she was doing. If Democrats are to defeat Trump next year, it won’t be on issues, like immigration, taxes, the economy, foreign policy or global warming, about which the public is split. No, it will be on the question of Trump’s character, or lack of it. Most Americans are deeply troubled by his amorality. Even Trump’s supporters know, deep down in the privacy of their own thoughts, that he’s an asshole, although of course, they can’t admit it. But there can’t be a person alive today who doesn’t understand Trump’s severe mental and sexual problems.

This is why Jeffrey Epstein’s recent arrest is so threatening to Trump.

Consider this: What if the Feds are squeezing Epstein? They say to him, in effect, “You have two choices, sir. You can go to jail for the rest of your life. Or you can give us information on Trump. Did he also molest underaged girls? Did he engage in sex trafficking?”

I think this is the real reason why the Southern District went after Epstein. We all know that the Southern District is looking into all sorts of irregularities concerning Trump, his family, businesses and foundation. Maybe their chain of evidence is closing in on Trump, and all they need is a final confirmation of Trump’s amoral, criminal sexual behavior.

You know how we’ll get more understanding of this? When Trump starts to badmouth Epstein, his former good friend, on Twitter. Whenever Trump trashes an ex-associate (Michael Cohen, for example), it’s because he, Trump, is afraid of what that person might testify under oath about him. I admit there’s a possibility that the Southern District went after Epstein purely and simply due to the horror of his crimes—13 year old girls! But I have a feeling this case is tied into the larger one, of driving a man from the presidency who is manifestly unfit for that, or any public, office.

Meanwhile, the Great Untold Story out there is how does Trump procure women for his sexual gratification now that he’s in the fishbowl of the presidency? For the answer, we need the Secret Service to leak. I do not believe, and I don’t think you believe, that Trump gave up consorting with strippers and porn stars when he became president. His sex drive is intact, maybe stronger than ever. Melania? Don’t make me laugh. She likes the money, the servants, the private jets and high fashion and the fawning media, but she and Trump are no longer sexually interested in each other. Nor is Trump ready to live the life of a celibate monk. He surely knows that, were he to get caught with a stripper, it would be the biggest scandal of his presidency. But he also knows that (a) he would be able to deny it and call whoever leaked the tidbit a liar, and (b) his supporters wouldn’t care anyway, because they’ve already factored his infidelity and amorality into their judgment of him.

Jeffrey Epstein is a predator. Donald J. Trump is a predator. That’s Kamala Harris’s message, and it had better be the message of all the Democratic candidates running for president. We have to keep challenging the moral beliefs of Christians who support this president. Many of them are wobbly. Keep at it, Democrats. Remind them over and over of his indecency. We may be able to persuade some of them not to vote for him again, which in essence is equivalent to voting for a Democrat. And when, after Election Day 2020 Trump is toppled, we’ll be able to say, as Gerald Ford once did, “Our long national nightmare is over!”

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