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The fallout continues. The Resistance lives!


I didn’t watch much news on T.V. yesterday. I knew what the meme was: Victory for Trump! Trump tweets vindication! Congratulations pouring into White House from rightwing circles! Lou Dobbs tweets “Well done, Mr. President!” Rep. Gohmert says “The enemy did their best to bring him down but they brought themselves down instead!” Alex Jones writes “Lock and load my fellow Trumpites. Now we’ve got to finish them off!” As for the inciter-in-chief, Trump calls the 50% of Americans who think he’s a crook “treasonous and evil.”

Just another pleasant day in Trump World!

Well, let these Trumpites have their little day of glory. They deserve it. They fought long and hard for Trump—as long and as hard as we fought against him and them. Perhaps they’ll overshoot their mark. But lest they forget, let me remind them: we still have plenty of arrows in our quiver. They haven’t heard the last of us. Democrats make this vow: Trump’s remaining days in office are filled with peril for him and for his family.

Meanwhile, life goes on. As miserable as we Democrats feel now, we know there’s a tomorrow, and a tomorrow after that. We still have the House of Representatives. We still outnumber Republicans by a long shot among voters. We are still relishing the Blue Wave of 2018. And we look ever more forward to what my Twitter friend, George Takei, is calling the #BlueTsunami of 2020.

All eyes turn now to the House Democrats. They have the power. There’s a lot more to learn. They need to call Mueller to appear, in open session, and explain all the things he didn’t do. Why didn’t he force Trump to meet personally with him, instead of just handing in some written answers? Why did he allow Trump to get away with so many evasions? Why no indictments of Jared or Junior? There’s still so much we don’t know, so much circumstantial evidence that there was collusion and there was obstruction of justice. But the first thing we need is for the damned Report to be made public in its entirety. This is something Democrats have promised. Even Trump himself said he has no problem with letting the American people read it. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, we’re counting on you. Don’t let Barr get away with this stunt. A four-page “summary” written by a Trump enabler just doesn’t cut it.

Some pundits, and not just ones on the extreme right, are going to say that the House Democrats should back off, that they’ve suffered a decisive defeat and should stop the persecution and get on with governing. To that, I say bull. It’s not going to stop. The Sun will rise in the East tomorrow, and Democrats will wake up still demanding Trump’s scalp. Game on.

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