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Trump “knows how to handle” Democrats? I don’t think so


Trump has a brand new lie out: If House Democrats investigate him in the next Congress (which they should and will), it will amount to “presidential harassment.”

And, he threated, mafia-style, “I know how to handle that better than anybody.”

Let’s get a few things straight. There’s no such thing, legally speaking, as “presidential harassment.” Not in the Constitution, not in the U.S. Code, nowhere. But if there is the phenomenon of a political party harassing a sitting president in the political sense, it was Republicans who invented it.

They harassed Bill Clinton to no end, launching failed investigation after failed investigation, from Travelgate and Vince Fostergate to Whitewater and finally, when nothing else worked, to their failed, embarrassing (for them) attempt at impeachment.

Then, when Obama was president, there was no end to Republican torture, accusations and obstruction of him, starting with the insane birther lie. Republicans encouraged their racist base to put pictures of him and Michelle looking like monkeys on social media. The traitor, McConnell, wouldn’t even let the Garland nomination be heard—a horrible first in the history of America. Talk about harassment!

Then later, when it looked like Hillary would win both the nomination and the election, they unlocked the dogs of war on her, from Wikileaks and freaks like Devon Nunes to “lock her up,” the Benghazi smear and the fake email scandal.

On the other hand, when Democrats were in charge while George W. Bush was president, they never harassed him. They fought him on individual issues, as the loyal opposition should. But they supported him in Afghanistan and in Iraq. They supported his budgets, and they supported him in TARP, the “bailout” of the banks and auto companies. Democrats treated George W. with respect.

But Republicans can’t treat Democrats with respect because they have none to give. Like Mussolini—Trump’s doppelgänger—they have nothing but contempt for the opposition. The method of dealing with opposition isn’t negotiation or compromise, it’s threats, insults and instigating violence in the base, which is all too ready to resort to violence. This is why The Resistance arose. Compromising with Trump is like compromising with a rapist. It can’t and shouldn’t be done.

So, Mr. Trump, I hate to sound harsh during the holiday season, but take your “presidential harassment” complaint and shove it. You’re going to be investigated up the wazoo in the new House. It’s not harassment, it’s the administration of justice, and it will be long overdue; the craven House Republicans should have investigated you ten times over, but they feared you more than they loved America and our Constitution.

And you “know how to handle” Democrats when they investigate you, Trump? How exactly do you intend to do that? Please tell us. Will you arrest Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi and the rest of the Congressional Democrats? Will you shut down the Congress? Will you order your white supremacist base into the streets with their weapons, to seize courthouses, government offices, newspapers? Will you keep the Shutdown going indefinitely? Trump, you have no plan to “handle” Democrats. All you can do is rile up your base and possibly lay the groundwork for a Civil War.

So we’re not afraid of you, Trump. You can threaten all you want; we laugh at you, at your pitiful theatrics, at your juvenile antics. We’re continue to mock you on late night T.V. We’ll continue to broadcast from MSNBC, and thank God for them. The “failed” New York Times (which is making record profits), the Washington Post, even the front page of the Wall Street Journal will continue to investigate and expose your crimes. The Blue States will continue to raise fabulous sums of money to fund candidates and causes that will protect our democracy instead of destroying it. We, the People will continue to demonstrate in the streets: women’s marches, gay marches, peace marches, pro-immigrant marches. Sanctuary cities will continue to protect the downtrodden, and to stand athwart your hatred.

And there’s not a damned thing you can do, except pound your chest, drool and throw tantrums on Twitter. You’re a joke, Trump. Get ready for those investigations. They’re coming your way.

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