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The people will revolt?


That’s what the traitor, Trump, said: if he’s Impeached, “the people will revolt.”

 Really? Bring it on.

I mean, what the hell are these rightwing nutbags going to do when we Impeach Trump? Look, if they want to “revolt,” they’re going to do it where they live, right? Revolutionaries don’t take the bus or fly away on jets to where they make their revolutions, they do it close to home. The Boston Tea Party patriots did it in Boston, not Hoboken. That was a long time ago, but things aren’t that different now: If you have a committed core of angry neo-fascist white guys determined to shoot things up, they’re not going to form a caravan and travel for hundreds of miles, they’re going to do it close to where they live.

Here’s a list of the most Republican counties in America. I’ll use Blount County, in Alabama, as an example. (It was named after Gov. Willie Blount, a slaveowner.) The county seat is Oneonta, population 6,638, whose residents are overwhelmingly white and working class. The nearest big city is Birmingham, about 37 miles away. When Trump is impeached, as I hope and assume he will, you will have great anger in Oneonta. The under-educated, Limbaugh-addicted white men and women will be mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. So what do they do? They grab their weapons and take their grievances to the streets.

Where do they gather? Probably in front of the Blount County Courthouse. That’s a nice placeto start a revolution! The Swamp Tails Restaurant is just across the street on 1st Avenue East, where the revolutionaries can buy good old Southern food, like crawfish eggs and grits—and Lord knows, making a revolution makes you hungry! Miss Kelley’s School of Dance is down the block, so the Dads and Moms can drop the kiddies off for “preschool combo” until the revolution is over and it’s time to head back home. Weathers Ace Hardware is easy walking distance, so if the revolutionaries need, say, masking tape they can easily find it. Also nearby is the Silhouette Beauty Salon. Hey, a revolutionary gal wants to look her best while she’s shooting at pictures of Hillary!

I’m exaggerating, of course, but here’s the point. If “the people revolt” against Impeachment, they’re going to do so in these hokey little redneck towns where Trump’s base lives. They’re not going to do it in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Oakland, Austin, Boston, Phoenix, Cincinnati, Detroit, Los Angeles and so on. The open-carry NRA wackos wouldn’t dare show up in those places because they’d get their behinds whipped. So who the hell are these “people” who would “revolt”?

 They’rejokes, that’s who. Let them shoot up their Red towns all they want. If they hit the road and try to bring their violence someplace else, they’ll be stopped—by local police and Sheriff’s officers, who I have to believe still believe in the Constitution and the rule of law. I’ve seen no evidence at all that Trumpism is making inroads into our law enforcement agencies. There may be individual officers who are Trumpists, but a few bad apples don’t spoil the entire crop.

So I’m not worried. The Breitbart neo-fascists can make all the revolutions they want to, in the places where they live. They can burn down the Oneonta County Courthouse, they can have torchlight parades screaming “Lock Her Up!”, they can fulminate and rant until the cows come home—literally, in these cow towns—but they’ll be doing it for nothing and nobody. Sure, a few T.V. crews will show up with their cameras for the nightly news, and the “revolutionaries” will be laughingstocks—fodder for Saturday Night Live. Eventually, the “revolutionaries” will get bored and go back to watching the Crimson Tide on the Swamp Tail’s big-screen T.V. while they get soused on Pabst Blue Ribbon. It will be the shortest revolution in world history, an asterisk to the sad, sordid tale of the Trump regime.

So,Mister President, don’t count on your base to get you out of this. You are toast, Sir. I guarantee it, and you brought it upon yourself. Have a nice day.

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