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Trump caused these horrible things to happen



Trump is complicit in both the Sayoc bombing attacks and the Pittsburg slaughter at the synagogue.

He caused the bombs to be sent. We can argue whether it was direct or indirect causation. It was not “direct” in the sense that (as far as we know) he did not personally tell Sayoc to make and send the bombs. But it was direct in that without Trump’s violent, vicious rhetoric against every single one of Sayoc’s intended victims, Sayoc would not have done what he did. Maniacs like Sayoc need prompting from some external source to carry out their nefarious deeds; and Sayoc got plenty of prompting from the president whom he worshipped, whose images he festooned his van with. As Hitler instigated the Brownshirts and the SS into bloodthirsty violence and murder through insane, incendiary speeches designed to inspire them to fury, so too has Trump inspired the least sane of his adherents to carry out their own acts of violence—in his name.

And the synagogue shooter, Bowers? While his precise motivation, beyond anti-semitism, isn’t clear yet, we do know that Trump created the atmosphere and the conditions in which Bowers committed his atrocities. The atmosphere is the hatred and sickness now rampant throughout the Republican Party, which Trump lit the match to and whose flames he continues to fan every single day. It is an atmosphere that tells unstable people that it’s all right to act out on their homicidal fantasies, because the president says so.

As for the conditions of Bowers’ mass murder, Trump has done everything in his power to prevent reasonable gun control from being enacted in America. There is no reason for any non-law enforcement person to own an AR-15. None whatsoever; it’s insane that a civilized country would allow private citizens to possess these weapons of mass destruction. Somewhere inside his paranoid, defensive mind, Trump must realize this—I’m sure that Melania and Ivanka do—but in his pandering to the N.R.A. and its ammosexuals, he has blocked all gun control, and therefore shares the blame with Bowers for this horrendous deed. When Trump expresses sympathy for the elderly Jewish victims, all one can do is recoil in horror.

So there it is: a president of the United States encouraging, aiding and abetting mass murder. In addition to all his other crimes—collusion, breaking election laws, money-laundering, profiting from the presidency, misleading the Congress and the American people with lie after lie after lie, perjury, obstruction of justice—Trump will be found guilty before the Bar of History with complicity in mass murder, and more: for deliberately seeking to undermine the stability of the United States of America.

What shall we do with him when he’s finally removed from office and at last answerable to the American people? He can’t be allowed to return to a normal lifestyle. That would be intolerable, after all the damage he’s caused to our nation (and to the entire world). It will be immensely pleasing when he falls from power and, embarrassed before the country, is reduced to sputtering, defensive babble. It will be lovely to see his nasty sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, rejected by large swathes of the population, as well they should be. But it would be galling wormwood to think of a fallen Trump still gorging on junk food on expensive china in the splendor of Mar-a-Lago, serviced by porn stars while a brooding, expensively-clad Melania pretends not to notice. No, Trump has to be made to suffer some kind of unpleasant fate.

What about a truth-and-reconciliation committee, like the one South Africa formed after apartheid? I say: Too late…not while Trump lives. We can explore truth and reconciliation with Republicans after he’s gone, but only if they denounce him utterly and clearly. This denunciation can’t be muddy or vague; it has to be explicit, by name, and it has to be expressed by the right people: not some little back-bencher from some Podunk district, but by bigtime Republicans like Peter King, Devin Nunes, Marco Rubio and Mitch McConnell—in other words, the very enablers who propped Trump up and did nothing while he destroyed America’s foundations. These are the ones who will have to apologize—grovel, to be frank–if there’s to be truth and reconciliation; for how can one reconcile with murder? How can one reconcile with complete, contemptible falsehoods? Do we split the difference with Republicans, with them admitting they went too far with the hatred and Democrats admitting that, Well, maybe Obama is a secret Muslim, and maybe Hillary should be jailed, if only for a short period of time?

No. Reconciliation is fine; compromising on integrity and truth is a non-starter. If I die with a single firm conviction in my last thoughts, it is this: Donald J. Trump began this spiral into national disintegration. Nobody else. Not Obama, not Hillary, not Fox “News,” not Putin, not Nancy Pelosi. The culprit was and is Trump. He is irreconciliable. We can never forgive nor forget what this catastrophe has inflicted upon us. Were we to do so, we ourselves would be complicit in the awfulness of Sayoc, and Bowers, and all the other evils visited upon us by Trump and his regime. As America cleansed its soul with the abolition of slavery, so too are we now called upon to wash away the stain of Trumpism in our time. It is a task we should rise to with joy.



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