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Of horses, pigs and presidents

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I don’t think Stormy Daniels has a horse face, do you? Actually, I think she’s quite pretty.

Trump went beyond his usual misogyny when he called her a “horseface.” In fact, he insulted his own taste in women, since he had an adulterous sexual affair with her. So the question is, “Mister President, why did you have sex with a woman who is a horseface?”

I don’t expect that the White House press corps will ask Trump that! They’re too afraid of getting their credentials yanked by a vindictive president. But while we’re on the subject of comparing human faces with animals, how about the following two pictures?



Even a die-hard Trump supporter would have to admit the porcine features of the current occupant of the White House: the nasty, small, snorting mouth, the piggy nose, the squinty, feral eyes, the fat cheeks. This animal-man should be in a muddy sty, not the Oval Office.

The sons, too, are piggy. The first time I saw that awful photo of Donald Jr. holding the elephant’s tail he had hacked off a beast he had just slaughtered,


I thought he looked like Professor Pyg, from Gotham, but without the charm.


Eric, who is far less in the public eye than his older brother, inherited his father’s unfortunate traits: the bulbous pig nose, the mouth that looks like it was created to root out grubs, the greedy, slotted eyes.


I don’t mean to pick on the Trump men for their genetic inheritance; I, myself, am hardly an Adonis. But I don’t go around insulting women (or men) the way these Trumps do. And what goes around comes around, as the newly minted rapist Justice on the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh, reminded us, when he promised vengeance—not justice—for Democrats.

And then there’s this MBS business, about which I blogged yesterday. Since I wrote the post, Trump’s credibility has all but collapsed. Everybody knows that MBS ordered Kashoggi’s murder and dismemberment. The truth doesn’t matter to Trump, because he doesn’t mind violence in the name of money, and he’s gotten away with more lies (more than 4,000, as of last August) than anyone since Baron Munchhausen, His moronic followers, of course, don’t give a damn. If they weren’t bothered by his earlier lies–and they weren’t–they certainly don’t care if some rughead (sorry for the slur, it’s how Republicans see Middle Easterners) met his doom in some sleazy Muslim consulate in some terroristic Islamic country, like Turkey. One less Arab, goes the Republican mantra. Just a billion to go.

But maybe, just maybe this MBS scandal will scrape off enough Republican support to hand the House over to Democrats, and, as unlikely as it now seems, perhaps the Senate, as well. You never know! I, personally, have pretty much stopped looking at the polls. After the 2016 election, they seem irrelevant and distracting. If and when Democrats do retake the House, here are some things I think they should do, right away:

  • Reopen the Intelligence Committee hearing into Trump-RussiaGate, the one that Nunes purposely sabotaged.
  • Open an investigation into Nunes himself. What information did he leak to Trump during the hearings? Did he break House rules? Should he be censored by the full House? Expelled?
  • Launch an investigation into Trump’s taxes. Subpoena them. Subpoena also all records from the Trump Organization for evidence he’s violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. If Trump resists these subpoenas, file charges of obstruction.
  • Investigate Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s conflicts of interest.
  • Look into Betsy DeVos’s conflicts of interest. How much money is she making from her actions as Education Secretary?
  • Open investigations into Republican efforts to block voter registration and prevent minorities and young people from voting. Bring charges, as warranted.

Well, those are just a start, and we don’t want to overload the House with too many investigations! There will be plenty of time for others over the years.

Oh, one more thing: By the time the new House members are sworn in, in January, 2019, Robert Mueller should have issued his report. I fully expect it to charge Trump with obstruction of justice and possibly other crimes, including collusion with the Russians. So one more thing the House can do early next year is to initiate impeachment hearings. They would be in the House Judiciary Committee, where Democrats have some exceptionally well-qualified members, including John Conyers, Jerry Nadler, Zoe Lofgren and Sheila Jackson Lee. They will be interested in knowing what the president knew, when he knew it, and what he did to keep the truth from coming out.







  1. “Porcine features”?

    “Bizarro cartoonist Dan Piraro is w-a-y ahead of you!

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