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Trump’s Twitter feed



Trump was not about to make the same mistake G.W. Bush made after Katrina, or that he himself—Trump—made after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico.

Both those times, people accused both presidents, rightly, of undermining the seriousness of the storms, and of being pre-occupied with other things instead of devoting 110% of their energies to helping save lives. And, of course, Trump’s dismissive remarks of the other day concerning the real death toll in Puerto Rico are beyond despicable.

This time around, with Florence, Trump decided to buy some pre-insurance against criticism, using his medium of choice, Twitter, for Florence-related tweets. Lots of them, all clichés. He also retweeted his Homeland Security chief, Kirstjen Nielsen, and his wife, Melania, both of whom posted on the storm. That was on one of his accounts: the “President Trump” one. We’re supposed to conclude that he’s really, truly concerned about all the people in the path of destruction.

But over on his other account, @realDonaldTrump, it was a different story, and, one suspects, closer to the real Donald Trump’s mentality. Florence? Nah. Grievances? For sure. There was an attack against Debbie Stabenow. He defended his China policy (whatever it is; no one seems to know). He ranted that the revised Maria death toll in Puerto Rico was “done by Democrats” which, technically I suppose, is true, since the government of Puerto Rican is run by Democrats. But then again, Trump is the most notoriously mendacious president in American history. He has plenty of chutzpah to accuse anyone of lying!

But wait, there’s more. Even as Florence approached the Carolina coast, there’s Trump, bragging about middle class incomes and warning his credulous followers that if Democrats “get in” they will “destroy what we have built.” And just to show that he’s still obsessed with Mueller, he quoted the Republican Senator, Burr, to the effect that there is no evidence of collusion (which nobody, but nobody knows, except Mueller and his team, and they’re not talking). And he couldn’t help but insult Obama once again.

What are we to make of this man? Not much from a moral point of view, which is why it’s so gratifying to see Americans starting to turn against him in record numbers. It’s interesting to see television coverage of Midwesterners who voted for him in 2016 tell journalists that even though they like the economy, they’re going to vote Democratic this time because Trump is such an embarrassment.

That’s the heart of the matter. You might love his tax cuts for corporations and billionaires. You might like his military buildup. You might like him destroying the EPA, withdrawing from the Paris Accords and calling climate change a hoax. You might like him appointing Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and so many other rightwing judges to federal posts. You might even, God forbid, like him for his homophobic and anti-trans concessions to evangelicals.

But I’d wager you don’t like Trump, the person. It’s accurate to say, I believe, that Trump is now the most disliked public figure in America, possibly the most disliked politician in my lifetime. Thank God the people woke up. Onward, now, to Election Day, the Blue Wave, and the beginning of the end of this corrupt, disastrous, disgusting regime.

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