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Trump, encouraging violence, tells his followers to get ready



Violence? Trump’s hysterical warning to his so-called “Christian” base boiled down essentially to this: If you don’t get violent with the Left, they’ll get violent with you.

Well, Trump’s base knows something about violence. These are your standard NRA ammophiles—angry, uneducated white men who pack rifles in their pickup trucks, carry concealed weapons just in case they have to “stand their ground,” and whose idea of interacting with Democrats is to smash them in the face.

To get an idea of the level of jackboot violence that permeates Trump’s base, you must do something distasteful, but educational: put on your hip boots and wade through the Comments on Breitbart.  These are individuals whom you do not want to know, or to live in your neighborhood, or be in your family.

Their violence is not typically a direct threat to any person or group (although direct threats do appear), but rather Fox “News”-inspired rabble-rousing, the sort that the Russians perfected in 2016 on social media, in order to tear our country apart. For instance, here’s “George Albarran.” In a Trump-inspired attack on CNN, he says, “As a Globalist mouth piece [CNN’s] only intent is to spread division within America and anti Trump stories. They hate America and want it divided an at war so the Globalist’s [sic] can take the U.S. out of the world scene.”

Consider the paranoia at the core of that rant. CNN “hates America” and wants “war.” Yes, Wolf Blitzer has been busy behind the scenes for decades driving America into war. It was Blitzer who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and is constantly trying to provoke a nuclear war between America and Russia. Blitzer is also secretly arming the Houthis, killing the Rohingya, and is the leader of Antifa. George Albarran has proof! He knows for a fact that Wolf Blitzer is a clear and present danger and must be taken out.

Here’s another form of Breitbartian violence-stoking from a “Jerry Maras”: “In 1981 Ronald Reagan fired over 11,000 air traffic controllers. It would appear that Donald Trump will have to conduct a similar house cleaning of the FBI, DOJ and CIA.” Yes, there’s Trump heading down to FBI, DOJ and CIA headquarters with a giant broom, sweeping tens of thousands of disloyal, liberal employees into the streets. It’s so stupidly comical that I can’t imagine anyone, no matter how dumb, believing it, but Jerry Maras does. But then, his Facebook page reassures us that climate change is a hoax because “Carbon dioxide is mostly oxygen” and that CNN and MSNBC are “fake news.” One imagines that Jerry Maras gets his ideas directly from Donald Trump’s brain.

But sometimes the violence is more overt. As soon as Andrew Gillum won the Democratic nomination for Florida governor, on Tuesday, the racist attacks on him began. Here’s a delightful sample from “Mar Mattera”: “Florida needs to stop this shit otherwise you will have New York and we really have to stop this disease.” There it is, folks: Black people are a “disease,” they are “shit.” After all, didn’t Mattera’s fuhrer, Donald J. Trump, himself call African countries “shitholes”?

And then, of course, there’s there usual insulting and hate-mongering surrounding Hillary Clinton, who’s almost always referred to as “Killary.” What is it about killing and murder that so fascinates the Right? Is it because they harbor murderous impulses? Whom do they wish to kill? Hillary Clinton, of course, but also all liberals and gay people? All Blacks? All Mexicans? All Muslims? Here’s “Nicole Takahashi” demanding that Jeff Sessions “end this witch hunt circus, and also investigate Killary and the Clinton Foundation. Fire Bruce Ohr. Fire Rosenstein. End the Mueller probe, Sessions. If you can’t, get the hell out, and let someone with balls become the next AG.”

“Balls”? “Nicole” would have us believe she’s a woman, but her Facebook page is mysteriously clear of content. I do wish Facebook would investigate these trolls, who may well be Russian operatives trying to stir up hatred and turmoil.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: America has lots and lots of crazy, violent people, tottering on the brink of sociopathy. Their instability is such that all it takes is a few tweets from Trump to set them off. Trump has been working on them for the better part of two years, feeding them lies that tap into their fears and anger (rather than bringing us all together, as a good president should). He’s been successful: so divorced from actual facts are Trump voters than they are prepared to believe anything he says, support anything he does (no matter how illegal) and march in lockstep to any orders he gives them, explicitly or implicitly. The implicit orders thus far have been: support me at all costs, and prepare yourselves for what is to come. I’m afraid that the explicit orders—to arm themselves, to take over media companies, to threaten and immobilize his “enemies”—are imminent.

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