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The tipping point: Republicans starting to have their doubts



I know that most of us believe that the 90% of Republicans who are utterly in love with their fearless leader will never shift their attitudes toward him.

I happen to disagree.

I have always believed there would be a tipping point. Not all of them will defect. Not even a majority. The Breitbart types really are diehards: crazy as loons, but loyal. But we don’t need a majority of Republicans to take over both Houses and then begin serious investigations, not only with impeachment in mind, but with getting back at people like Devin Nunes. Evening scores is part of politics; we need to even some scores with some Republicans.

But first, we’ll need for 5% or 10% of Republicans to fundamentally change their minds about Trump and realize that they made a serious mistake when they voted for him and then supported him for so long. Here’s how I think it could happen, and why.

First of all, Trump’s act is getting stale, even for many Republicans. I have no proof of this, insofar as polls go. But I keep my finger to the wind, and I’m pretty good at picking up on trends. People are tired of the lies, the bullying, the insane tweets, the vulgarity, the insults, the revenge firings, the coverup, the man’s sheer repulsive nastiness–and they’re still disturbed by the cozying up to Putin.

They’re also realizing that Trump’s much-ballyhooed “accomplishments” are Potemkin villages. The North Korean deal? A bunch of bull. Kim Jong-Un is still busy perfecting his missiles. The economy? People are realizing that the recovery started under Obama and is merely continuing. Besides, they’re not really seeing increases in their take-home pay. Instead, they’re seeing top management get more money than ever—and that’s a Democratic issue. Judicial appointments? Republicans love Trump’s, but I don’t believe it’s a rallying cry for all of them; it’s certainly not enough to prevent a Blue Wave in November.

But the scandals and controversies are ongoing, and seem to get worse every day, and this is eating away at Republican support—maybe not in the polls, yet, but around the kitchen table, parents are starting to wonder if Trump (or his children) are the role models they want for their own kids. And there’s something out there that is liable to seriously erode Trump’s support in a way nothing yet has:

The Mueller Report.

I’m sure that a solid majority of Republicans are convinced that Mueller is crooked, and they won’t care what he alleges or proves in his report. But remember, we only need 5% or 10% of Republicans to defect, and a Mueller report that finds serious, credible evidence of crimes (collusion, obstruction, emoluments, etc.) is bound to be taken seriously by that 5% or 10% of Republicans. They’re intelligent enough to realize that Robert Mueller is the real deal: a thorough patriot, a man who has served his country honorable all his life, and a Republican, to boot. They’re wise enough to see through the crap from propagandists like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and KellyAnne Conway and Rudi Giuliani. Just because they’re Republicans doesn’t mean they’ve lost all their marbles!

There’s a final reason I have hope that enough Republicans will come to their senses to put an end to this nightmare. If they get rid of Trump—THEY STILL HAVE PENCE! He’s their insurance policy.

Have a wonderful, safe weekend. Back Monday. Thank you.

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