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They said it on Breitbart



Something a little different today, a peek inside the soul of the Trump movement, although “soul” perhaps isn’t the right word. More like the lunatic asylum.

The hatred and anger on Breitbart never cease to amaze me. At the risk of making you puke, here are some samples from yesterday—Independence Day! The context of these posts doesn’t matter—it’s the content by which you can judge the mental state of the writers. I repeat each comment as it was posted, errors and all. After each post, I offer a comment. The names, by the way, are real: when someone posts on social media, they’re on the public record and thus fair game.

Stephanie Powell Dallas’ mayor Mike Rawlings removed a statue that had been there since the 1930’s, in the middle of the night, without voter input, at a cost of over $700,000.00 of tax payer money. DALLAS IS THE NEXT SHITHOLE LIKE VENEZUELA!!!! DEMOCRATS PISS ON EVERYTHING IN THEIR PATH!!!!!!!

My comment: Don’t you love the dirty words? These rightwingers are obsessed with bodily functions and excretions. When good old Stephanie complains about Dallas, do you think she’s objecting to the white people who live there? I think not. It’s people of color she (and white nationalists like her) hate.

Leo Gimignani Why Scarlett Johansson? I would more likely believe someone like Rosie Odonnell who already looks like a beast!

My comment: The insult to Rosie O’Donnell, a good woman, is obvious. Makes me wonder if Leo himself isn’t carrying a few extra pounds…or his wife…or his mother…or his daughter. But that’s Republicans for you: insults, smears, bullying. Just like their obese president.

Red Filipp Thoughts of a Veteran…….. then by all means pack your bags and leave , many great men have gave their lives for you and this Fine Nation so you can sit and bitch . But this Veteran has had enough of everyone whining and crying if you do not love it simple take Your ass to Another country that you think suits your way of life and sissy feeling

My comment: Thanks for your service, “Red,” if that’s your real name…and if you really did serve. But true servicemen don’t rant about taking your ass to another country. They understand that America is big enough for us all (even you). As for “the sissy feeling,” these rightwingers are also obsessed with homosexuality. I wonder if “Red” isn’t a closet case. Usually these homophobes are.

Michael Blume Boy Scouts of America? Huh? I believe that organization is no longer in existence. Didn’t it become Unisex Scouts , or Youth Scouts, Young Scouts, The New Order of Scouts, or something along those lines? The accused, if found guilty, should get 9mm to the head sentencing.


My comment: In this category of violent homophobia we must place Michael Blume. His hatred of gay people is bad enough, but he also is apparently obsessed with summary justice, guns and vigilantism, and shooting people through the head. Just another NRA ammosexual spouting his murderous impulses.

Lois Petrek You still have all black colleges. If you had an all white college the government would be up in arms. You have NAACP, BET all black groups.

My comment: Uh oh, Lois, your racism is showing. How do you accessorize those white sheets for your KKK rallies

Nicole Takahashi I have been to Boise, Idaho, and it breaks my heart to see an all-American town become another Somalia like Minneapolis. Democrats are hell-bent upon destroying the culture that made America great.

My comment: I must assume that Nicole is either Japanese-American or is married to a Japanese-American. Do I really need to remind her that Japanese-Americans were rounded up and interned during World War II because white people hated and feared them? It’s so ironic when a person who has suffered from racism turns out to be a racist!

Vernon Baugh go after the dems,, start arresting them ,,, start using your power, to its fullest,,, fire any and all dems you can,,, clean house, pass some laws,,, etc

My comment: What a sweet thought from Vernon! Arrest Democrats. Fire them from their jobs. Clean house. Maybe ole Vern can personally kill them. Would you like that, Vern? Then you can throw the bodies into the ovens and give the MAGA salute. Don’t forget to get the gold out of their teeth.

And finally, this:

Gene Cease Just as long as we keep the liberal, thumb sucking, fetal postion laying, safe space seeking, RADICAL, MILITANT, Antifa loving, snow flake from sucking the LIFE out of this country*****

My comment: Reading through these Breitbart comments, I often suspect they’re fake posts from Russian bots and operatives who continue to try and undermine our country. No real Americans could possibly post this crap. Could they?

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