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Mueller’s 49 questions prove conclusively that Mueller knows that Trump is guilty of both collusion with the Russians and of subsequent obstruction of justice.

Mueller knows also that Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner are guilty.

The Special Counsel, in other words, has the goods on his ultimate targets.

The end game is here. The only question: What will the Republican Party do? My prediction: They will deny, obfuscate, and lie—just as their President does. The House of Representatives and Senate, currently controlled by Republicans, will do nothing. They will snuff out the rule of law.

When Mueller releases his report, the Constitutional Crisis hits, like an asteroid hurtling into the nation’s capital. What happens when the President of the United States is a criminal, and his majorities in the Congress—backed up by their constituents—don’t care?

They, too, are criminals–co-conspirators is an effort to overturn the Constitution.

I do know this: If Trump gets away with this, he’s unleashed. Fury and rage will erupt from him and sweep the country, igniting his armed followers. His powers will know no bounds; no Republicans will dare criticize him. If his health holds, he may well be determined to rule for many years, just like his heroes, Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un. The Constitution will be garbage—unless the November elections give Democrats the power to stop him.

Poor John McCain, whom everyone is praying for, is kinda-sorta criticizing Trump, in vague, ambiguous words that don’t even mention Trump by name. Too late for your credibility, Senator Maverick. You could have done this a year ago—you didn’t. Your epitaph will be “Too little, too late,” a sad finale to a man who touched greatness, but was afraid to embrace it.

We’re headed into the most uncharted waters in our history. My devout hope is that every Democrat, every liberal, every lover of America will gird his or her loins and prepare for the coming ordeal.

  1. Ronald K McLaren says:

    Tell me what happened when Obama, a criminal himself, was allowed to conduct so many covert and overt actions that were criminal in every way. i.e. running guns across Mexican border, foreign born elected Presidential fraud, aiding and abetting terrorist (money sent to Iran at the end of his term) or how about allowing the sale of 20% of USA’s uranium to Russia? Really, what you say here sounds like a reflection of the Eight years prior to Donald Trump’s admin. SMDH!

  2. I’m approving this comment from Mr. McLaren because it illustrates what I’ve been saying for a long time: the insanity and blatant lying of the tea party-white supremacist wing of the Republican Party that forms trump’s base. One would think that the smear that President Obama was “foreign born” has been completely eliminated from the national discussion, but angry racists (including trump) continue to advance it. This is why these people constitute such a threat to the Republic, and why they have to be utterly defeated.

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