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Wall Street Journal is reaching into the gutter to defend their man



Donald Trump just tweeted praise on the Wall Street Journal’s rightwing columnist, Kimberley Strassel, for her hit piece on James Comey in the weekend’s paper. The Journal’s editorial page has been, of course, a locus for the anti-Comey movement, which also includes Fox “News” and most of the lunatic fringe of Republican talk radio. Their tactic isn’t to challenge the facts as we know them. No one (besides Trump) is plausibly denying any of the facts concerning collusion and obstruction of justice, because we don’t yet know what the facts are. Instead, the Republicans are using a familiar tactic: launching ad hominem attacks on Comey by besmirching his character.

This would be amusing, coming from anyone besides Republicans, who for the last 1-1/2 years have found themselves in the awkward position of having to defend a man whose moral character is repugnant. The serial adultery, the juvenile insults of anyone he doesn’t like, the perpetual lies, the vulgarity—well, you know the list as well as I do.

Strassel’s smear of Comey is from the Republican playbook, repeated by every GOP propagandist with a platform. Like the rest of her cohort, she lies when it’s convenient, and twists or withholds the truth when it suits her purpose.

For instance, she writes that the dossier was funded by a Democrat-aligned group.” LIE! It was paid for by “a conservative website funded by a major Republican donor” who was working on behalf of a different Republican primary candidate, according to Pulitzer Prize-reporting by the New York Times.

Incredibly,  Strassel writes, “Would it not have been in the public interest to make clear last year that the president was not under investigation?” WITHHELD TRUTH! This totally ignores the fact that Comey divulged the FBI’s renewal of the case of Hillary Clinton two weeks before the election, while withholding the information that Trump and his campaign also were under investigation!

Along the same lines, she demands that Comey “explain the extraordinary accommodations the FBI provided Team Clinton during the email investigation.” LIE!  Do you really believe Comey provided “extraordinary accommodations” to the Clinton campaign? Comey’s revelation of the renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton completely shocked her personally, immobilized her campaign, disgusted all Democrats, and cost Clinton the election! Rather than an “extraordinary accommodation,” Comey delivered the death blow to Team Hillary.

But for me, the most disgusting thing—the worst lie—in Strassel’s hit piece is her insinuation that Comey is avoiding answering questions that make him uncomfortable. If Strassel is so concerned with public figures being completely transparent, here are a couple questions that her man, Trump, refuses to truthfully  answer:

Why won’t you release your taxes?

How many women have you had sex with, besides whomever your wife was at the moment?

How much money is your company making by taking advantage of your presidency?

Why is it okay for a President of the United States to behave in such undignified ways as bullying Gold Star parents, college students, journalists?

Why are you denying that climate change is real?

Do you deny that Russia intervened in the 2016 election on your behalf?

What really happened at the Trump Tower meeting with Donald Jr. and Jared?

Why did you dictate the excuse about the meeting to Donald Jr. on Air Force One?

Why did you fire Comey?

Why did you demand loyalty from Comey?

Why have you allied so fiercely with the most rightwing elements in America, in violation of his promise to be a bipartisan president?

Well, this is another list that could go on and on, but wouldn’t it be nice to hear Trump provide these answers? He won’t, of course, and his Republican enablers won’t ask him to, which is why we need James Comey as Special Counsel to get to the bottom of these scandals.

In his pro-Strassel tweet, Trump called the Comey investigation “one of the weakest obstruction cases ever brought!” LIE! He is, of course, trying to influence the minds of his followers before any report has been issued, before the facts are known, and despite the accumulating evidence that a lot of wrong-doing seems to have occurred on his behalf. It makes me wonder if, when all is said and done, what he would do if Comey’s ultimate report says that there’s not enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction or collusion—but there is plenty of evidence to charge his son, Donald Jr., and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, with one or both of those crimes. Much speculation is currently underway concerning whether or not Michael Cohen will flip. The question may turn out to be, not if Donald Jr. or Jared flips, but if Trump flips on himself: admitting to crimes to prevent his elder son and his only daughter’s husband from going to jail.

Probably not. As a sociopath, he doesn’t really care about anyone but himself.

  1. Pawineguy says:

    From the linked NY Times article:

    “Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee had begun paying Fusion GPS in April for research that eventually became the basis for the dossier.”

    You have a very low opinion of your readers if you assume that they won’t even click through and read.

    It’s no longer debated by anyone as to who paid for the dossier. The only initial mystery was which Republican group initially hired Fusion GPS.

  2. Bob Henry says:

    You ask: How much money is your company making by taking advantage of your presidency?

    Let’s consider the advantage to his family.

    “Trump Could Save More Than $1 Billion Under His New Tax Plan”
    The New York Times – Sep 28, 2017



    “Mr. Trump’s proposal to eliminate the estate tax would generate the largest tax savings. If his assets — reportedly valued at $2.86 billion — were transferred after his death under today’s rules, his estate would be taxed at about 40 percent. Repealing the federal estate tax could save his family about $1.1 billion, though it could still be subject to New York estate taxes.”

  3. Bob Henry says:

    The cited New York Times article in a comment awaiting moderation is missing a character in the URL.

    Let’s try again:

    “Trump Could Save More Than $1 Billion Under His New Tax Plan”
    The New York Times – Sep 28, 2017


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