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The tipping point has been reached



Between Tuesday’s student marches and Conor Lamb’s amazing victory in Pennsylvania 16th, America has at long last arrived at the tipping point: the denouement of Donald Trump’s presidency.

The marches, which occurred across the country, brought me back to the Sixties. Such youthful enthusiasm! Such idealistic passion! Such determination! The students are discovering two things:

  1. How much resistance the NRA and its Republican stooges are putting up, and
  2. How the nation is rallying to their side.

I imagine that roughly half of these students were raised in Republican households, given the political makeup of America. Even those students who self-identified as Republican before the Parkland massacre have now abandoned that party and become Democrats, or independents inclined towards Democrats. These students must also be having conversations with their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and others who are Republicans but are now being confronted with the reality that voting Republican has resulted in uncounted murders due to the Republican Party’s enslavement to the NRA. Voting patterns in America already were shifting well before Parkland, due mainly to people awakening to the menace of Trump and his minions. Parkland has accelerated that shift into overdrive.

Nowhere is that realignment in voting patterns more apparent or dramatic than in Tuesday’s special election in Pennsylvania. As you can see from the graphic (visible in the link) showing the district’s party shift from the 2016 election to Tuesday’s, not a single one of the hundreds of precincts shifted to “more Republican.” Each of them shifted “more Democratic”—the literal definition of a Blue Wave. This astounding fact is attributable to one thing only: revulsion with Donald Trump. This revulsion may in part be based on resistance to his policies (gun control, climate change, tax cuts for billionaires and so on) but it is mostly driven by revulsion with Trump personally: his vulgarity and lying, the nepotism of his family, his bullying and grandiosity, his peculiar behavior with regard to Russia and Putin. People are sick and tired of the Trump circus. They want a restoration of normality in the White House. People are recalling the Obamas fondly and remembering with what dignity and grace Barack and Michelle presided over America.

Meanwhile the National Rifle Association, on the ropes and fighting for its life, is increasingly erratic and panicky in its messaging. Their twitter feed is a mixture of defensive clichés about “protecting the Second Amendment”—an argument that no one except right wing gun fanatics believes–and weird pictures, such as this one,

high up on their feed, celebrating yet more guns. It’s a wildly inappropriate image, at a time of national grief and mourning, but it shows the insensitivity and lack of empathy of the NRA’s overlords. It also illustrates an absence of the sound political judgment that the NRA is famous for. As it loses popular support, the NRA also is losing its grip.

We’ve been talking about “tipping points” and “turning points” for the last fourteen months and wondering when the shift would come—the fabled time when people would realize the abnormality of this president. At long last, it has. Parkland—Mueller—the Florida students—Pennsylvania’s 18th—Stormy Daniels—the firing of Tillerson—the meltdown of the White House staff—Trump’s twitter storms—it’s achieved critical mass. It’s time to get rid of Trump, cripple the NRA, turn both Houses of Congress Democratic, throw some Republicans in jail, and make America sane again.

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