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Monday a bad day, Tuesday a great day for Dems



Democrats were demoralized on Monday by the passage of the government funding bill and the associated facts that Senate Democrats allowed McConnell to get away with a vague “intention” to save the Dreamers and Schumer’s agreement—in exchange for that vague intention—to fully fund Trump’s ridiculous wall.

So, yeah, Monday wasn’t a good day. But things happen so fast, in this OCD administration, that, by Tuesday, most of us were happy again, with reports of Sessions and Comey being interrogated by Mueller’s lawyers, and Trump asking his acting Attorney-General, Andrew McCabe, whom he voted for for president. We heard also that Mueller intends to question Trump, presumably under oath, about RussiaGate, a development that would never have happened unless Mueller were persuaded “there’s a there there” concerning Trump’s collusion with Russia. That’s a big deal.

The reason these developments make Democrats happy is because they’re bad news for Trump. Very bad news. There are so many indications that he tried to obstruct justice in the Mueller investigation that it’s impossible to believe that Mueller doesn’t have a solid case—and that’s just with the information we already know he has. Who knows what else Mueller has? Who knows what else he’ll discover?

As for the Dreamers, yesterday Schumer shocked everybody by withdrawing his days-old offer to fund the wall! I must admit I was surprised. Schumer, of course, had “put the wall on the table” in order to get DACA. It was a sacrifice, but Democrats want compassionate treatment of Dreamers so much that, as Luis Gutierrez said, “I’ll build the wall myself if it helps the Dreamers.”

So here’s the way I look at the ballgame: Trump scored a couple runs on Monday. But Democrats scored far more runs on Tuesday. Let’s not forget that, regardless of what happens with DACA, and regardless of what happened with the tax bill, and regardless of what happens with anything else, whether it’s a victory or a defeat for Trump, the overwhelming reality is that Mueller trumps (pun intended) everything. Trump can win the battle, so to speak, but lose the war—the war being his job, and possibly his freedom from incarceration.

The ballgame will surely change many more times, play by play, inning by inning, day by day. But the important thing is, Who wins when it’s all over? By “winning” I mean getting rid of Trump. I know that, if we do, we’ll be stuck with Pence—unless Pence is also implicated in the crimes—and even if we get rid of Pence, then we’ll have Paul Ryan. But I’d rather have Pence or Ryan than Trump going into the midterms. Pence, with his crazy beliefs about the age of the universe and the literal truth of the Bible, will be easy to demolish; and he doesn’t have Trump’s communicative skills. Ryan is a lightweight. Democrats can deconstruct either of them easily, and it will be fun doing so.

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