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A good moment for Democrats, and for America



I hope my Republican friends (yes, I have a few) will forgive me if I take a few minutes to rub it in. They really shouldn’t blame us Democrats for savoring this moment. After all, they’ve rubbed their victories in plenty of times.

Doug Jones won Alabama.

I’m just letting that sink in. It feels good. I didn’t think he would. I figured Alabamians are so beyond the fringe with evangelical craziness and just plain orneriness that they’d gladly send Moore to the Senate, even after everything we know about him. It’s not just the sexual molestation of children—as if that’s not bad enough. It’s also his negativity and disrespect for the Constitution. The negativity revealed itself particularly in his awful, disgusting insults of gay people, like when the guy said that legalizing gay marriage was “even worse” than slavery.

Well, what else would you expect from someone who’s angry the South lost the Civil War? Moore, an unreconstructed Confederate rebel, would prefer that 40 million African-Americans be slaves on plantations, rather than—God forbid—two men be allowed to marry. I mean, that towering level of animosity toward millions upon millions of Americans is so shocking, it makes me wonder if Moore isn’t afraid of “the gay” in himself. Moore is proof—if more were needed—that his brand of “Christianity” is a sickness, not a religion.

As for disrespect for our country’s Constitution, Moore basically shat on that precious document, which bears the names of Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, James Madison and other revered founders of America. First, when he put up a Ten Commandments plaque outside the Alabama state court building, then refused to take it down under a federal order, and second, when he refused to comply with the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court—the Supreme Court, mind you, with a Republican majority!–to allow same-sex marriages. Moore’s contempt showed that he values the bible over the Constitution, which is why he’s a charter member of the Basket of Deplorables.

But he lost, even in Alabama, one of the most conservative states in the country. The take home lesson, for which Americans should be enormously grateful, is that even in this modern Republican Party—a cesspool of nastiness—it’s possible for a candidate to be too extreme.

So let us bask in the pleasure of Doug Jones’ amazing victory. We did it. The Democrat won in the Deep South. We did it with Black voters, who turned out in Obama-esque numbers. We did it with women. We did it with college graduates. We did it with Jews. We did it with rank-and-file Democrats, and we did it with Independents. If that’s not a winning coalition, I never heard of one.

We Democrats also are entitled to gloat because Jones’ win is an enormous slap in the face to two individuals who really deserve it: Donald Trump and Steven Bannon. Nobody forced them to put all their chips on Moore. If they’d been smart, if they’d been moral, they would have turned from him the way Mitch McConnell and Richard Shelby did. But they supported Moore, and they lost bigtime. Not only did they lose, they’ve been humiliated. Politicians hate and fear public shaming almost worse than anything else, except defeat in an election. Being perceived as a Big Loser must hurt a lot for egomaniacs like Trump and Bannon. Both now are in a world of pain.

After huge Republican defeats last Election Day, Trump already had the stench of a loser about him, and Bannon almost as much. Now, post-Alabama, they’re both gigantic, major, historic losers: They have been handed abject, public rejection. I expect their losing streak will continue right through Election Day, 2018.

So, fellow Dems and members of The Resistance, celebrate! Feel good. Give yourselves a pat on the back—but don’t get complacent! We’re only as good as the next battle—and there are plenty of battles to come.

  1. ” that towering level of animosity toward millions upon millions of Americans is so shocking, it makes me wonder if Moore isn’t afraid of “the gay” in himself.”
    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  2. Many rabid homophobes suffer from repressed sexual instinct, which leads to compensations such as anger, guilt, rage and shame and, sadly, violence. Of course, we know from decades of news reports how often the most prudish, anti-sex-preaching ministers and priests are busted for horrible sex crimes. This is why I say, Whenever you hear a bible-thumping priest ranting about “family values” and “one-man, one-woman marriage,” lock up your young son or daughter. There’s a potential predator coming at you in black robes.

  3. “After huge Republican defeats last Election Day, Trump already had the stench of a loser about him, and Bannon almost as much. Now, post-Alabama, they’re both gigantic, major, historic losers …”

    Excerpt from today’s [December 14, 2017, page A18) The Wall Street Journal editorial (written and approved by the newspaper’s editorial board):

    Headline: “Alabama Sends a Message”

    “Mr. Moore’s loss is also a defeat for former White House aide Steve Bannon …

    “… GOP voters, take note: Mr. Bannon is for losers.

    “The Moore defeat should also be a lesson to the Republican Party, and President Trump, that many GOP voters are still at heart character voters. They will only accept so much misbehavior in a politician, no matter the policy stakes. Mr. Trump opposed Mr. Moore in the primary but came around to support him even after the accusations emerged about Mr. Moore’s pursuit of teenage girls while he was in his 30s. The GOP voters who ignored Mr. Trump and rejected Mr. Moore also want a President who acts presidential.”

  4. A question has been raised by fair-minded Democrats and Republicans:

    Given the current national debate over sexual harassment and the rejection of men in positions of power seeking to take advantage of women in subordinate roles . . . could President Bill Clinton — today — have escaped impeachment in the Senate over his relationship with Monica Lewinsky? His behavior while governor of Arkansas?

    The evolving “Trump standard” has to apply equally. And apparently, retrospectively.

  5. So how far back are we supposed to go? Should we impeach Tom Jefferson because he had an affair with Sally Hemmings? How about impeaching FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, Johnson and–lest we forget–Reagan, for fathering a child (Patty) out of wedlock? Seriously, these “tu quoque” hypotheticals are just red herrings thrown up by desperate Republicans.

  6. Steve, that is a straw man argument citing the deceased.

    Those individuals are already under historical review. The statues we have erected to them are under reconsideration for being taken down:

    This societal discussion is about living men currently serving in public office, and former public officials.

    Independent of party affiliation.

  7. “As Harassment Accusations Multiply, a Question: Who Stays and Who Goes?”
    New York Times – December 5, 2017

  8. tim fleming says:

    Steve, When you talk of ministers and priests with their sex crimes don’t forget to mention the Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn. Big scandal stared there underage boys getting reamed out by religious schools administrators. One rabbi screwed his own daughter and made her pregnant. Then in his trial he acted as his own attorney and tried to make a liar out of his daughter on the stand. Its not always the goy but you parasites too.

  9. Tim Fleming, thanks for the reminder. I have written many times that orthodox Jews are as big a problem as rightwing Christians.

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