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Trump & Breitbart high-five each other whenever terrorists kill Americans



Most Americans are filled with sadness and anger when a terrorist attack occurs on U.S. soil, but not Trump and the crowd at Breitbart. When people are struck down—as they were on Tuesday in New York City—Trump and Breitbart celebrate. The more deaths, the better, from their point of view, because it helps them politically. And when and if the terrorist is discovered to be a Muslim, Trump and Breitbart go orgasmic with delight.

Why would they be so happy when Americans are mowed down by Islamic terrorists? Germans might describe this attitude as “schadenfreude”: taking pleasure in the pain of others. But, of course, there’s a far simpler explanation: Trump, Breitbart and Co. are anxious to justify Trump’s Muslim ban and his generalized smear of Islam as an evil religion. Perhaps Trump, personally, has nothing against individual Muslims, and he probably knows next to nothing about the religion itself. But when he decided to run for president, he made the calculation to ally with the white, rural, xenophobic, pro-war wing of the Republican Party, and particularly its Christian extremists, who hate all religions but their own. Thus, at his inauguration, Trump invited the repellant Franklin Graham to speak—the same Graham who called Islam “a very wicked and evil religion” (and who, by the way, called the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage “a major failure of our nation”).

The question why Islamaphobes also tend to be homophobes is best left to another day, except to point out that the two things both groups share in common are Christianity and the Republican Party. Meanwhile, we still have to account for the disturbing fact that Trump and Breitbart cheer every terrorist-caused death. Events like New York energize them: pro- Trump muckrakers like Ann Coulter exploit the deaths in order to promote their own anti-immigrant, far-right ideologies. The worst of the rightwing haters, such as Alex Jones, gleefully rub their hands with each body count, because it enables them to glorify Trump and to denigrate Democrats and liberals.

And then there’s Breitbart, which, believe it or not, didn’t mention the Mueller indictments for days, but is fairly drooling over the Manhattan deaths. “A Chuck Schumer beauty,” they headlined yesterday, putting the blame on Democrats, and even managing to bash Uber as a “Far-Left car service” because Sayfullo Saipov worked there.

Uber? Chuck Schumer? Who the hell choreographs this crap?

Voltaire once observed, “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.”  Whether or not the philosopher was being ironic (scholars debate it), his point was that God serves a useful purpose as a “foundation” of human culture.

In much the same way, the far right has invented the notion of Islamophobia as a useful device for uniting splinter groups in their coalition, and for turning free-floating anger and anxiety into rage directed at Democrats and liberals. Nowhere is this more evident than in Trump’s twitter feed yesterday, where he joined up with the attack on Schumer by accusing him of “helping to import Europes [sic] problems.”

Schumer…Uber…these are things the right wants its followers to hate on, shiny objects to deflect attention from the Trump-Russia scandal, from tax cuts for billionaires, from the do-nothing Republican Congress that can’t get anything done, from Trump’s sexual predation of women, from the embarrassment of America’s least-qualified president ever. So if you’re wondering about that sound emanating from Trump-Breitbart headquarters each time dead Americans stack up in the streets and fill the hospitals, wonder no more: it’s them high-fiving each other, and pretending to care.

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    ” “A Chuck Schumer beauty,” they headlined yesterday, putting the blame on Democrats, and even managing to bash Uber as a “Far-Left car service” because Sayfullo Saipov worked there.”
    And here I thought it was a Muslim wannabe lunatic who drove a truck, rather than Schumer (with Hillary in the passenger seat?) driving an Uber car.

  2. Yes, Hillary was in the passenger seat, and Nancy Pelosi was giving directions.

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