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Democrats “lost”? Hardly. That’s another Republican lie



Are Democrats in Congress “digging themselves into a ditch”? Is Democratic leadership “babbling”? Is the Party “lost”? Are they merely “posing for the angry left”?

Those allegations were hurled against the Democratic Party on March 22 by a Republican operative, Ed Rogers, a hatchet man for Ronald Reagan who has resurfaced as an apologist for the Trump regime. Rogers is not known for his genteel style; the political blog, “No More Mister Nice Guy,” recently called him “a crude man who says nasty, hateful things about people he doesn’t like, particularly if they’re not white or male,” which makes Rogers sound like his new idol, Trump.

Rogers’ March 22 screed, in the Washington Post, is easily disproved. To start with, he wrote it days before Ryan summarily pulled the TrumpCare bill from a floor vote in the House, which has since become one of the worst political defeats for a sitting President in history. Now, nobody has a crystal ball, so Rogers couldn’t have known the bill was headed off the cliff, but still, he shouldn’t have been quite as exuberant as he sounded when he claimed the “Republicans [were]…steamrolling opposition to the American Health Care Act” and that “Trump was effective” in persuading recalcitrant Freedom Caucus members to vote for it.

Some steamroller! Some effectiveness!

Really, given his political acumen, or lack of it, do we really need to consider anything else Rogers says? Well, yes, because this hack’s attacks on Democrats echo the insults Trump hurls at the party all the time. So let’s look at his other allegations.

“There’s no good fight to be had on Judge Neil Gorsuch.” Not true. In fact, there’s a very good fight. Democrats are energized by opposition to him. He may well become the ninth Justice despite Democrats’ best efforts to prevent it, but the “good fight” is invigorating Democrats in resistance to the Trump regime. And if Schumer succeeds in a filibuster, which in turn gets broken by Republicans launching the nuclear option, Americans will clearly understand that Democrats no longer are rolling over for Republicans. They also will understand that this Republican Party will stop at nothing to achieve their backward-looking, dangerous agenda.

Is Democratic leadership “out of touch” and “babbling”? I don’t think so! In the House, we have rising stars like Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Joaquin Castro, as well as more established representatives like Maxine Waters, Jim Clyburn, Nita Lowey, Elijah Cummings and Nancy Pelosi. In the Senate, Schumer is as tough as they come; joining him are Senators Richard Blumenthal, Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown, Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar—my gosh, what a talented bench. They’re out there every day and night, articulating cogent, forceful messages. Hardly what I call “babbling.” You know who babbles? This current President, on twitter.

As for these Democratic leaders “posing for the angry left,” it’s true that the left is angry—and should be. But did Trump not “pose for the angry right”? Rogers doesn’t seem to notice that. Besides, there’s a crucial difference: Democrats never, ever stooped into the gutter of lies, smears and innuendoes to critique their Republican opponents. Democrats stick to issues. Republicans, afraid of issues, rely on prejudices and the ignorance of their base.

Rogers’ conclusion also is a lie: “Democrats are clearly lost, with no sense of direction.” Laughable. Watch the Democratic Party rally as this Republican regime increasingly lurches from crisis to crisis, with all those investigations hanging over their heads. Rogers, Trump and the others wish mightily that Democrats were directionless, but their wish will not be granted. Democrats have 2018 solidly in sight, with 2020 close behind. Their direction, Mr. Rogers—in case you haven’t noticed–is regaining Congress and the White House. And with Trump hitting historically record lows in the polls, I’d hardly call Democrats “lost.” The one who’s lost his way—if he ever had it—lives in the White House.

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