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I’m writing this Monday evening, and I’m feeling better about the outcome. I now think Hillary will win. (I don’t know about the Senate.) So, here’s my Winners and Losers of this election. But first, a little fun:

phyllisWell, I think it’s funny.


  1. CNN. Americans have been turning away in droves from this sorry-ass excuse for a news channel. They pretend to be “centrist” or “objective,” but by treating all statements and candidates, no matter how mendacious, as equal, they have proven themselves to be useful idiots for the right wing. They never confronted Trump or his surrogates on their lies and evasions. It was really appalling to see: CNN has absolutely no credibility whatsoever.
  1. Paul Ryan. Trump will never forgive him, and neither will Ryan’s tea party constituents, who just might vote him out of office. Ryan really had no good choices; he exists at the fracture-line that has splintered his party. His best bet would have been to quit the Republican Party and become an independent, but he didn’t have the cojones.
  1. Pollsters. This is pretty obvious. None of them saw Trump coming a year ago, even six months ago. They missed the mental illness at the heart of the Republican Party.
  1. Rudi Giuliani, Chris Christie and Paul LePage. These three redneck Republican career pols thought they’d hop on the Trump gravy train and ride it all the way into the Cabinet. Instead, they ended up gridlocked on the George Washington Bridge. If there’s a God, we’ll never see Rudi’s sneering face on television again.
  1. And the number one loser: DONALD TRUMP. That feels so good, I’ll say it again: DONALD TRUMP IS A LOSER!

Now another cartoon that my wine-and-food-loving readers will appreciate:



  1. Kellyanne Conway. Yes, I’ll give credit to this Republican campaign manager, even though I think she’s loathsome. She was dealt a losing hand and came within a cat’s whisker of winning. Good job, kiddo.
  1. Tim Kaine. He barely registered in the media—the campaign kept him on a tight leash. But he seems like a good guy, with a pleasant personality, and he’ll be fun to have around.
  1. Truth. It’s not a person, it’s a concept. All we heard from the Republican side were lies that threatened to overwhelm this fragile bird, Truth. But Truth triumphed. That’s a good thing.
  1. Hillary supporters. That’s you guys, my readers—most of you, anyhow. You stuck by your gal through the tough times and never gave up. Kudos to you.
  1. And the big winner is: HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON. The first female POTUS. Like Hank used to tell the audience on “The Larry Sanders Show,” “This is exciting, isn’t it?”

That’s it! Now let’s hope my predictions turn out to be true! Happy Election Day.

  1. “Rudi Giuliani, Chris Christie and Paul LePage.”
    It’s so unfortunate that Maine, the state I live in, despite having so many great things, gets the most press for its buffoon of a governor.

  2. I think we’ve had this discussion before, but: pollsters actually got Trump right.

    Trump jumped into the lead not long after he announced his candidacy. And in the primaries, if anyway, Trump slightly underperformed his poll numbers (but only by a point or two on average).

    It was the pundits who looked at the polls and discounted them, rationalizing that it was another blip like the ones in 2012 that catapulted Herman Cain and Rick Perry and other flavors-of-the-month into the early lead. Or that once the field narrowed, the Anybody-But-Trump vote would consolidate behind a candidate and take Trump out. Or that Trump wasn’t even trying to win and would drop out. Or a thousand other reasons not to believe what the polls were saying.

  3. Jim B got it right. And it wasn’t just the pundits. Many people, including me, assumed that eventually a more normal candidate would break out of the pack.

  4. Bob Henry says:

    No joy in Mudville.

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