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Hey Julian Assange: Instead of gossiping about Hillary’s emails, why don’t you get Trump’s taxes?

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Trump has had such an awful week that I hardly have to write about him to make people loathe him. This latest smear of PTSD vets is right up (or, more correctly, down) there with his insults to John McCain, Gold Star mothers and other military families. But why should anyone be surprised? Donald Trump thrives on insults. It’s his lingua franca, the kind of trash talk he’s always resorted to to put down his “enemies.”

We’ve all known bullies like him, haven’t we? Can you imagine young Donald Trump, what an asshole he must have been? Born to a multi-millionaire father, sent to private schools where bad behavior was tolerated if not encouraged, Donald must have been a piece of work. Normal parents would have restrained his tendencies to brag and bully. I have known a lot of really rich people in my life, due to my former job as a famous wine critic, and I’ve known their children, too. I’ve known rich kids who were entitled schmucks, and rich kids who were wonderful, spiritual human beings, and believe me, Donald Trump was never a wonderful, spiritual human being. He seems like the kind of kid who burnt insects with matches and taunted girls for being “ugly” and who socked weak, little kids because he could get away with it. And his sons, those endangered-species killing neer-do-wells, are of the same ilk.

I wonder what it’s like to be a Republican who still possesses a shred of decency, to have to support this horrible person. Paul Ryan, John McCain, how must they feel? I may not agree with them on most issues, but they’ve shown themselves to be fundamentally decent human beings. They have to be appalled by Trump. Why don’t we see them denouncing him? Why don’t they hold onto whatever moral fiber they still have and tell us they’d rather lose this election to a Democrat than have to stand behind the worst presidential candidate in Republican history? This is something they’re going to have to explain someday, especially after Trump is crushed in the general election—as he will be—and more ugliness about him emerges.

By the way, Trump is now claiming that he “understands tax law better than anyone” (because he took advantage of loopholes so frequently), and so he will be able to “fix it.” Does anyone believe that? Trump is able to fix the tax code for ordinary workers better than Elizabeth Warren? Wow. If you believe that, there’s a bridge in New York City I’d like to sell you.

People like Julian Assange are saying, “Wait a minute, we have a ton of awful emails about Hillary we’re going to put out.” Well, the right wing has been threatening Hillary for years, and what have they come up with? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Why is Assange so anti-Hillary anyway? When did he join the basket of deplorables? Is he a Trump surrogate? Question for Julian Assange: Why don’t you use your hacking skills in a useful way and release Trump’s tax returns? Why have you turned so violently against the Democratic Party? I’d like to see Julian Assange’s emails. What’s his problem? I will make this prediction: whatever “super-damaging” emails he has about Hillary are going to be complete bullshit. Julian: you’ll never be pardoned, by Republicans or Democrats, so give up on your dream of returning to America—unless you’re prepared to spend a lot of time in a federal pen.

Does this mean I don’t appreciate what Wikileaks did? No, that’s not what it means. I like transparency. But I simply don’t understand why Assange is going after Hillary, and not Trump, who represents a far greater threat to world security than Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. By the way: Trump’s gaming of the tax system—which enabled him to avoid paying Federal income taxes for twenty years—is not a sign of “genius,” as the reprobate Giuliani, the about-to-be-indicated Christie and Trump himself allege. It just means he can buy himself thousand-dollar-an-hour lawyers to avoid paying his fair share. Hey, you blue collar workers in Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, North Dakota, Idaho: You really respect this guy? Seriously? He spent the first 70 years of his life fucking you over. Now he’s on your side? Wow. I’m trying to put this delicately. Take your anger and put it in a place where you can’t possibly have any further impact on America. We are a fundamentally liberal, secular country, and if you could only think clearly, you would realize voting for Hillary is in your, and your children’s and grandchildren’s, interest.

  1. Bob Henry says:

    “Question for Julian Assange: Why don’t you use your hacking skills in a useful way and release Trump’s tax returns?”

    It’s not okay for Trump (even in jest) to encourage President Putin and the Russian government (or its nefarious surrogates) to hack Clinton’s servers in search of missing e-mails.

    And it’s not okay (even in jest) for anyone to encourage Julian Assange (and his supporters) to hack Internal Revenue Service servers in search of Trump’s tax returns.

    [Aside: the better target is the less well-protected server in Trump’s tax lawyer’s or accountant’s office.]

    That is condoning a criminal act of espionage and invasion of privacy of an unprecedented magnitude.

    This presidential election is supposed to be about protecting our liberties. Not violating them.

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