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Trump criticizing Bill Clinton’s sex life? Bring it on!



We don’t know whether Trump himself or his surrogate deplorables will introduce Bill Clinton’s sex life into the campaign, but the latest reporting suggests that it’s coming. So desperate is the Trump camp to find something, anything to keep their candidate from tanking that they’re even willing to go “there.”

The question is, why? Trump has been married, how many times? Three. He’s admitted to adulterous affairs, which means he cheated on his ex-wives (and may be cheating on Melania, for all we know). So he’s hardly the perfect messenger to criticize anyone for sexual infidelities.

Besides, Bill Clinton was one of the most popular and beloved Presidents in recent U.S. history. Even after he was impeached by Republicans, his approval rating was an enormously high 73%, and when he left office, in early 2001, his approval rating was 65%, higher than any other departing President since Harry Truman. Even today, long after he last held office, his approval ratings hover in the mid- to high 50s. So it really doesn’t make much sense to go after Bill, does it? And besides, Hillary has enormous popular respect for the dignified way she suffered through the scandal and held her family together.

If Trump tries to get away with this trash talk himself, he’ll be roundly criticized, by the media, the public, even large segments of his own party. So who would be the lucky surrogate to get the dirty job? Giuliani? Haha. Like his idol, Trump, he’s been married three times, and any reader of the New York press knows how ugly his divorces have been, including the nasty little soap opera with wife #2, Donna Hanover. So it would be the height of ridiculousness to send Giuliani out there to criticize Bill Clinton. Besides, Giuliani was Trump’s chief coach for debate #1, and look what a fiasco that turned out to be. (There are rumors Giuliani has been relieved of that responsibility for future debates.)

Who else, then? Christie? Well, he’s apparently been happily married to the same woman, Mary Pat, for thirty years, so he passes the fidelity test. But Christie fails in other important capacities as a messenger. The people who know him best, New Jerseyans, give him historically low approval ratings, only 26% positive, and he has a gigantic albatross circling around his neck: Bridgegate. His coverup is rapidly unraveling, as his former aides turn against him hoping to escape major prison time for themselves. It would be rather embarrassing for the Trump camp to keep Christie on in a visible role, especially if an indictment comes in, as it easily might. Even if Christie could overcome these negatives, he’s not liked by the public at large. His run for the presidency was a joke: Americans took a look, and decided: No.

There’s always Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager and chief representative on television. She’s apparently happily married—good news there—but there is a hitch: her husband, a lawyer named George T. Conway III, was a top advisor to—guess who?—Paula Jones, one of Bill Clinton’s alleged paramours. The unfortunate Ms. Jones was utilized by rightwing Christian fundamentalist groups that wanted to destroy Bill Clinton. George T. Conway III was, in other words, an early signer-on to the vast rightwing conspiracy that tried, and failed, to take the Clintons down. To have been a part of that cabal, which has been roundly been rejected by the American people, really makes George T. Conway III radioactive, and by extension, his wife, too. All Hillary has to do is remind people that Kellyanne’s husband was one of those semen-sniffing rightwingers who tried to destroy her popular husband. The public will hate him.

So who else could do the dirty deed? Pence? He’s likeable enough, was an altar boy, and apparently has a solid marriage. But if Trump were to send Pence out there on a smut-spreading mission, his likeability would tank. The American people don’t like nastiness. Besides, Hillary’s supporters could always counter with Pence’s vicious homophobia.

There’s one more possibility: Gingrich. Now, I know he gives most of you the creeps—me too—but he was already out there yesterday, dropping hints. I, personally, would love it if Newt takes on this job, because he will get slammed so hard by everyone, he won’t know what hit him. Gingrich is yet another three-time husband, and the story about how he visited his first wife, who was in the hospital with cancer, to demand a divorce so he could marry wife #2 (whom he subsequently divorced for wife #3), has followed him for years. Again, Gingrich is just about the worst messenger for this kind of smut-peddling that Trump could find.

Look, voters have signaled that they don’t give a damn about Bill Clinton’s sex life. They made that decision twenty years ago, and today’s younger voters in particular don’t care what he did. Trump has absolutely nothing to gain from this stupidity. But then, without viable alternatives, sinking in the polls, he is grasping at straws, hoping against hope he can salvage what’s left of his reputation. He can’t. He can only further ruin it.

  1. “Ma, Ma, Where’s my Pa, Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha”

    ~~ from James Blaine’s 1884 presidential campaign slogan targeting Grover Cleveland, who allegedly fathered a child out of wedlock.,_1884

  2. From NBC News
    (September 29, 2016):

    “Donald Trump’s Campaign Is Quietly Shouting About Clinton Sex Scandals”


    “Donald Trump doesn’t think he’s gotten enough credit for not talking about Bill Clinton’s history of sexual misconduct in Monday’s debate.

    . . .

    “The scandals, of course, have been successfully revived by Trump and his allies this week — including in this article — by pretending not to talk about them.

    “In a risky move for a thrice-married adulterous nominee, Trump is making a full-on pivot to the former president’s sexual misbehavior. . . .”

  3. “Giuliani was Trump’s chief coach for debate #1”
    Ah, that explains a lot.

    Also, last I heard, Bill Clinton is not on the ballot. Someone should mention that to Trump.

  4. Of course, there’s advisor Roger Ailes to turn to. You’d think that anyone that wanted to improve their standing with women would stay as far away as possible from Ailes. Not The Donald.

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