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Happy New Year!



I’d like to wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year. 2015 was kind of weird for me in some respects, with lots of twists and turns—but then, life always provides the unexpected, doesn’t it? The thing I’m learning, or trying to, is that I usually land on my feet, and that, no matter what happens, it’s all good.

Well, it’s not always all good, obviously. But in looking back over what is turning into my long life, I can see how almost every time something happened to me that I thought was a disaster, it actually turned out to be good. “Every cloud has a silver lining,” they say. The challenge is to see that silvery glow when the cloud is enveloping you in darkness. Not always easy—that’s where faith comes into play. I don’t mean blind, mindless faith, but a faith based on reason: something along the lines of, “Hey, this has always worked out for me in the past, so why shouldn’t I believe it’ll work out in the future?”

I’m looking forward to more great projects in 2016 working for my wonderful employer, Jackson Family Wines. It was nearly two years ago that I quit my job as the Famous Wine Critic and went to JFW. Lots of people were shocked that I would voluntarily give up such a hard-earned, coveted position. But I was ready for something else, and I also thought it’s only fair to move aside and let a newer generation have the fun of being a Famous Wine Critic. I’m glad I made that decision.

I’d also like to thank my readers for continuing to check me out every morning. The content of this blog changed when I made my job transition, but I still try to keep it interesting and timely. To some extent, my profile has gone down, which I anticipated and totally understand. But that’s good; things have quieted down in the Comments section, and on social media like Twitter, where for some reason some people got angry enough to write stupid things about me when they should have been living their lives. It’s nice to have those head-butting days behind me.

So have a great New Year’s Eve. Party hearty, if that’s your thing, but party safely, and please, don’t drink and drive! See you in 2016!

  1. Steve, happiest of turn-of-the-times eve to you, and happiness and prosperity in 2016.

    You make life a bit better for many of us. Something to think about that we love. And it never hurts to start the day finding intelligence and a good-heart on the screen. Thank you.

    Now, let’s pop some corks and commit to popping more of them for no particular reason this year. To a sparkling future!

  2. Steve, you’re always a pleasure to read. Even if you’re no longer The Famous Wine Critic, you’re still one of my favorite wine writers. Thanks for keeping us entertained throughout the year.

  3. Jim and Gabe, thank you! You made my day.

  4. Happy New Year Steve! Thank you for your daily blog which I always my first “go to” wine blog every day.

  5. Steve,

    Will the next blog be “New Year’s Resolutions”?

    Let me nudge you into updating your winemaker interview book (“New Classic Winemakers of California”) via postings on your blog.

    Consider it the modern-day equivalent of the elders assembling the tribe around the camp fire and reciting the “oral traditions.”

    Start with Bill Dyer.

    ~~ Bob

  6. Happy New Year Steve! Like Chris, your blog is one of my first stops on the web every morning. I’m always amazed that you can come up with something interesting day after day. No one else comes close! Please remember that lack of comments does not equate to lack of interest.

  7. Dear Brian, thanks. It’s folks like you who keep me writing this thing. Have a very happy new year!

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