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Live from NY Day 3: Incoherence and hope


Very short post today, as we met all day yesterday at Wine Enthusiast for the third day in a row, for our final session on planning out the 2014 editorial calendar, then there was the traditional final dinner (in the incredible wine cellar of the Kittle House, where the somm refused to give me a Melchior [24 standard bottles] of Romanée-Conti despite my promise to send him $100), followed by the inevitable Partay back at the hotel with the team, in whoever had the biggest room, which lasted until midnight at which point I dragged my sorry-ass tired butt back to my room and collapsed in bed, only to wake up just now, at 5:15 a.m. N.Y. time today, to catch a limo pickup to JFK (which we have to get to through early morning rush hour from up here in Westchester) to make my 10 a.m. flight back to Oakland and to–Gus!, who is the only reason I don’t want to crawl back in bed this very moment and sleep for the next billion years.

And with that you have just read the longest and most incoherent sentence ever in

Oh, and did I mention the Kittle House is haunted?

We drank some awfully good wines over the last few days, of which a 1951 (!!) Banyuls for some reason sticks out in my mind; but I took no notes, as this drinking was purely for pleasure. What I can promise readers of the magazine is not only some compelling news, stories and opinions, but also a gorgeous new look for 2014. We have some new reviewers (in Italy and the Pacific Northwest) you’ll soon be meeting, as well as some hot new young talent (editorial, computer, social media, etc.) in the offices in N.Y. whom you won’t meet, but without whom the magazine, website and events would never even exist. So kudos to a vast team effort. In my 21st year at Wine Enthusiast I’ve never seen a more dedicated, smarter, funnier, wiser or more hip group of people. If you don’t regularly read Wine Enthusiast, I urge you to check it out.

Now to pack my stuff, making extra sure I don’t leave anything behind the way I left my YSL blue blazer with the gold buttons last year (never to see it again), and rush off to the airport. Ciao bella! Good luck. Be happy. I will be back tomorrow (Friday) in my right mind. Well, as right as it ever gets, anyway.

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