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World of Pinot Noir 1: Live from Shell Beach


I made it down to Shell Beach on the 101 in an easy 4 hours, including a nice walk with Gus at the rest stop just north of Paso Robles. Beautiful drive: blue skies, warm temps, no traffic. The Salinas Valley was all green in row crops, but the Santa Lucias were ominously brown: the winter grass is already dying. It’s barely rained for two months and people are starting to worry. There’s some rain forecast for midweek, but I don’t know if it’s a big storm or just the kind of piddling ones that marked January and February.

I love it when the 101 makes that little grade and twist at Avila Beach and suddenlyl, Boing, the Pacific leaps into view. That’s my exit, Shell Beach, where World of Pinot Noir has been held for 13 years now. Gus and I checked into The Cliffs (76 degrees on my dashboard thermometer),  relaxed in the room  for a while, then I took him for a walk after dark, on a sultry, quiet evening. The tents were all set up on the bluff above the beach, looking white and fluffy and eerily empty in the darkness. Today and tomorrow, they’ll be rocking and rolling with Pinotphiles.

It’s still before 7 a.m. here, time to take the beast for a walk and then take the other beast (me) out to find some breakfast. I’ll be updating my blog frequently throughout the day, reporting on what’s happening at WOPN, sort of like a tweet, but longer. So check in from time to time.

  1. Adam Lee/Siduri Wines says:

    Looking forward to it!

    Adam Lee

  2. Christopher says:

    Perfect time to be in Shell Beach, enjoy!

  3. Keasling says:

    If you are a fan of Mexican fare, the next time you find yourself down Pismo-way, Zorro’s Cafe and Cantina at 927 Shell Beach Road is a bit of a gem… and with outdoor sitting, Gus would be a fan as well.

  4. Keasling: Thanks for the tip. LOVE Mexican food. Here’s a tip: beef tacos and Pinot Noir.

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