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No new post today


Went to bed late last night, woke up late this morning, jammed into our car from the hotel to Wine Enthusiast HQ for meetings, now on the way back to JFK in a snowstorm. First time in 2-1/2 years I haven’t had a daily posting up. Feel guilty, but can’t do anything about it. Normal, well, routine broadcasting will resume tomorrow, assuming my flight makes it.

  1. Stay warm – and travel safe!

  2. Dude, thank you! See you at WWS and looking forward. Sorry you missed The Oscars of Wine, the Wine Star Awards! You’ll be there someday.

  3. Me, too (especially since the alternative I dealt with was far, far, far less glamorous and included driving > 3 hrs through very nasty weather & hazardous road conditions!). See you at Meadowood!

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