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Notes from the Wine Star Awards


Last night’s gala event at the 42nd. St. Public Library here in snowy, cold NYC went off perfectly. Seen and enjoyed: Vic Motto, the Lohr family, the one and only J-C Boisset (alone, alas; the Missus is enceinte), Chris Indelicato, Nicholas Catena, Josh Wesson (funny guy), the Mondavi bros, Michael and Tim, Margrit Mondavi, Bill Foley (our person of the year), Baron Eric de Rothschild (pouring, what else, Lafite), David Taub, Harry Chapman, Leonardo Locascio, Ray Chadwick, Mel Dick, Jeff Meier (my dinner partner, superb company), the wonderous Genevieve Janssens (whom I introduced–my first date with a Tele-Prompt-R), Rob Cooper, of St. Germain (and I’d had tea earlier with their chief mixologist, my friend Philip Pepperdine), Tyler Florence, and others too numerous to mention.

In other words, we were the Center of the Wine World last night.

Lots of great wine, of course. The food wasn’t bad, as far as big banquets go. Outside it was FYAO weather (figure it out) but inside the spotlit and beflowered ballroom all was cozy. Baron de Rothschild described a nice conceit in making wine: “It is like a parabola. If you don’t do enough, you don’t get to the top. If you do too much, you’re on the way down.”

This morning (Tuesday) more snow, but at least the temperature mercifully is in the twenties. Now, off to MOMA for the Wine Market Council report, then to Wine Enthusiast World Headquarters, then back in sunny, warm Cali tomorrow. So this is a really quick post. Have a nice day!

  1. You are such a name dropper. (LOL) Nice company.

  2. gdfo, Hey I just get invited to these things cuz I work there!

  3. Shilah Salmon says:

    Steve – the entire Robert Mondavi Team would like to thank you for your wonderful introduction of Genevieve last night. It was so genuine and heartfelt, and the respect between you two is incredible. She was completely overjoyed all evening.

  4. Shilah, my pleasure. We were honored to have Genevieve and the team as well as so many members of the Mondavi family!

  5. Ron Saikowski says:

    NYC the center of the Wine World on a snowy day. I think not! The consensus is ZAP and other California events. Leave the Yankee snobs to begging for more bailouts. Give me a good California Wine Event or reasonable fascimile over a snobby event! The French would have been much better beggin in China than NYC!

    BTW, Texas is actually the No. 1 buyer of many CAL wines, not NYC. Start looking at the reality of it.

  6. nice to see you Steve…the event was lots of fun …in parabola speak, it probably “did it too much”. But what the hey, it was too cold to go outside anyway.

    I didnt realize you and Genevieve liked to tango, you really stopped everyone on the dance floor with your “Travolta” moves. Right on!

  7. I don’t like FYAO weather but I do like the Baron’s Parabola Theory!

  8. HI Alfonso, it was fun wasn’t it. I didn’t dare drink any wine until after my Genevieve intro but more than made up for it after!

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