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They said it on Facebook


“What should I blog about?” I asked my Facebook friends. Here’s what they said, with my replies.

B. Wing: Wine. oh wait…
Dear B. Wing: Wait for what?

B. Leulliette: White Burgundies from the 2008 vintage…
Dear B. Leuliette: I’ll leave that to my colleague, Roger Voss.

B. Carufel: How about talking more about what you see, not drink or talk about, when you’re driving around California’s various wine growing regions.
Dear B. Carufel: I tend to be a mental, not a visual, person. But you raise a good point. I’m trying to think less and see more clearly.

E. Eden: what to drink after the election results (something celebratory OR something to cheer you up, depending…)
Dear E. Eden: I don’t drink during the day, so coffee is going to be my drink until tonight, when I will definitely need some cheering up.

C. Kassel: The fact that even if Proposal 19 fails we can still grow the shit in our backyards without any trouble?
Dear C. Kassel: Prop 19 did fail. I voted for it. But I don’t intend to grow the stuff.

V. Moberg: How the results will affect the political atmosphere for the wine industry
Dear V. Moberg: I don’t know that election results affect the wine industry. Per capita consumption goes up whether Democrats or Republicans are in office. I guess you could argue that if the economy improves it will be good for the industry. But do you really expect the Tea Party to single-handedly grow the economy and bring back jobs? I don’t.

M. Mendelow: What to do with the three bottles of Manischevitz Concord Grape that are sitting in our liquor cabinet?
Dear M, Mendelow: Not in my cabinet. In fact you won’t find any Manischevitz anywhere in my house. Not that I’m criticizing Manischevitz. Just sayin.

S. Feist: Sierra Foothill wine.
Dear S. Feist: I’m not covering the Foothills anymore. That is Virginie Boone’s new turf, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see some good coverage of that beautiful region from her in 2011.

D. Tudor: Tudor Wines Pinot Noirs score 90+ on every wine since 2006 : )
Dear D. Tudor: You wouldn’t by some bizarre coincidence be related to the owner of Tudor wines, would you?

M. Rodeno: What is Jerry Brown’s favorite wine?
Dear M. Rodeno: I’m working on it. I would hope it’s from California.

P. Gregutt: Wine or Pot?? Which is more fun?
Dear Gregutt: We’ll discuss this in depth next time I’m in Seattle.

R. Piper: Poll about the Giants trying to find a way to get rid of Zito’s salary from their payroll next year so we can sign the good players.
Dear R. Piper: Neukom is just gonna have to suck it up.

R. O’Maoilriain: How about, um, blogging about tomorrow.?
Dear. R. O’Maoilriain: How do you pronounce your last name? Answer me that first.

M. Healy: How about how beautiful the vines look now that they are changing colors?
Dear Margie: I can just imagine, being here in Oakland, how those magical hills above the Russian River look.

L. Narlock: Blog? Go out to the parade! Celebrate our Giants!!!
Dear L. Narlock: I’m outta here!

  1. Awesome! Thank you for the mention Steve.


    Dan Tudor

    ps – now that I think about it, every vintage we produced since the first, 2000, has received 90+ points from someone! : )

  2. When is the party in Seattle?

  3. Jim Fiolek says:

    Spot on, Steve.

    >gdfo: Paul plays guitar up in Seattle…no Canoe, but great some great wines with pot-stickers.

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