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A holiday poem


As 2009 turns to twenty-oh-ten it’s time to remember old friends once again

So pull up a chair and read for a while, and we’ll try to reward with a big Christmas smile

Congrats on the baby (though the Guv race was gruesome) to Jennifer S. and her hubby Gav Newsom

And load up the fireplace with Yuletide logs as we lift up a toast to our friends, the wine blogs

The Rockaway spat brought some bad attitude, but without it we wouldn’t have known 1 Wine Dude

No need at this time to get all snarky and cranky, so here’s to Jess J. and the lovely Ms. Banke

To the Diazes, Jose and his ex-Mainer Jo, who sing Petite Sirah’s praises wherever they go

And to Allison Langhoff — she knows what it’s for — and the charmingly wonderful Ms. Caroline Shaw

To various Mondavis, 3 cheers long and loud, and here’s wishing the same to the Rubicon crowd

LaFollette and Bjornstad, the two mighty Gregs, whose Pinots we relish from first sip to dregs

The North Coast’s Mike Thompson and Bobby the Koch fight our political foes with a fearsome left hook.

In Santa Barbara there’s good Rick Longoria and my pal Kathy Josephs — their wine can’t go wrongia!

To Greg Brewer and Melville and Foley Estate and the gracious Sao Anash for services great

A bit up the coast let us now dally and pay our respects to the young Brian Talley

Come now we to Highlands of the Santa Lucias, where smiling Pisonis are so glad to see ya!

For J.C. Boisset and his newlywed Gina, a long happy marriage, may nothing come betweena!

And a toast to the wine books, each one of them diamonds, at Sonoma’s Wine Library, and to Mr. Bo Simons

In the great Napa Valley, where Cabernet’s darlin’, lift a glass of the good stuff to the reigning Bill Harlan

To my intern, Chuck Flanders, for all of your chores, and all my good buds at the UPS Store

In no special order, the names come to me, Terrien, Goldschmidt, Cabral, Dan Lee

Peterson (Heidi) and Edwards (so Merry), may your New Year be happy, and so very very

To my fellow wine scribes, a bit battered, not broken: Goldfarb – Berger – Pitcher and Olken

To the publishers from whom I derive income and fun, the wonderful Adam  and Sybil Strum

To the crowd at the zine — Tim, Joe and Sue K., a perfect 100 points is coming your way!

To van Staaveren (Margo) and Beckstoffer (Andy) and Adam, of Ojai, and Ullom (Sir Randy)

For Tchelistcheff, gone but not nearly forgotten, for all of the love he to us has begotten

For AVAs existing and those yet to come, for wines that are dry and those sweet as they come

For Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Pinots Noir and Gris, and to wine’s central essence, still a great mystery

To all these, and more, let us now end this session with a hope that we’ve seen the tail end of recession

And the last but not least, cuz I really do need ya, a huge shoutout to each wonderful Steve reader!


  1. There once was a man from Brooklyn
    Who tasted red wines up in Oakland
    He put ’em in bags
    Cause he wrote for a mag
    And gave them some points without looking

  2. Brilliant Steve!

  3. Thanks so much, Steve, for including the Diaz’ in this holiday poem… Very sweet of you. Best wishes for a great, continued season. You know how much we adore you!

  4. and a ho ho ho to you Steve – the feeling is oh so mutual. Much love to you over this Holiday season.

  5. Phew, I was wondering if you were going to get to your 10th Rockaway reference this year, even though it happened in August of ’08.

    I’ll take credit for “discovering” Joe.

  6. Rockaway Rockaway Rockaway Rockaway Rockaway. Now it’s 15. And counting!

  7. Got a nice chuckle from this!

    By the way, what’s Rockaway?


  8. There once was a young man from Rockaway
    Who…oh, fageddaboutit.

  9. Don A. Nichols says:

    There once was a man from Nantucket (no worries)
    Who spewed tasted wine in a bucket.
    Whilst writing the score
    He always sought more…
    “I can’t carry this, let’s truck it!”

    Sorry…I liked your’s MUCH better. Have a great holiday season. DN

  10. Very Cool…and not easy to pull off in a graceful fashion. Mr. Simmons and the Wine Library definitely need the love….
    Happy Holidays.

  11. what… you couldn’t find a rhyme for Gregutt?

  12. Was talking only about NY staff. Fellow editors will be loved in a future edition.


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