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How to live like a king, in Minnesota


The Rochester, Minn. Post-Bulletin is reporting here and here that the Saudi royal family dropped a bundle in Rochester the past few days. Seems King Abdullah was getting a checkup at the Mayo Clinic, and, in true royal fashion, he was accompanied by a large retinue that included many of his female relatives. And, women being women (am I going to get in trouble here?), there was plenty of shopping to be done.

According to the reports, the King’s sisters hit up Macy’s “three or four times.” Meanwhile, “a group of five Saudi women, including a woman who appeared to have high standing in the royal family,” spent 45 minutes shopping at New York & Company, whose website says the store sells “trendy, sexy, comfortable, affordable clothing.”  No word on what the Saudis purchased, but a store employee said, “They cleaned us out.”  I’m betting they didn’t buy burkahs. Maybe some of these shapely little leotards:

wide strap contour rib fit bodyshaper

Seems the ladies also hit up The Nordic Shop, whose owner told the Post-Bulletin the Saudis “have been pretty much everywhere downtown.” Again, no word on what they bought, but could it have been Orrefors crystal wine glasses? Royal Copenhagen mugs? Boxes of Norwegian fruksuppe mix? Brooches from Mikkelborg Solje? Whatever their purchases were, there were a lot of them; the Post-Bulletin reports it took “trucks, buses and vans” to carry everything back.

Oh, and the Royals ate dinner out, too. They went to Chardonnay restaurant, but not before checking out the silverware “to see if it was good enough,” reported restaurant owner Mark Weimer. The restaurant has no website, but it’s described as French cuisine with an extensive wine list. A local review praised its “elegantly appointed tables” and “roast duck, foie gras, and rack of lamb,” not to mention a wine list with “an impressive array of vintages from California, France, and Italy.”

(There’s a McDonald’s in Rochester, at 1937 Highway 52 North, but we’re not being told if the Royals dined there, too.)

Hey, like Mel Brooks said, it’s good to be king. Or related to the king.

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