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RIP Tim Russert

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This isn’t about wine. It’s an hommage to Tim Russert. He was a reporter’s reporter, a journalist’s journalist, one of the greatest interviewers ever. Interviewing is at the heart of a wine journalist’s job. Yes, tasting and reviewing and all that are important. But to really learn and grow, and to help your readers learn and grow, you have to master the art of interviewing. Tim Russert was a master. He was tough, but fair and friendly and happy and informed. He relaxed his guests. He was an inspiration. Many times, when I interview, I think of Tim Russert consciously. How would he react right now? What would he say, what would his body language convey? Tim Russert was a mentor to many people, not just Washington political journalists. Here’s wishing his family peace and love.

  1. Thanks Steve for this tribute. There are not many wine bloggers who will pay their respects to such an upstanding journalist, but I’m sincerely pleased that you took the time to do so. With my heart filled with sadness for his passing, and joy that he brought so many of us such a stellar example of good, judicial and critical reporting, I tip my hat in respect to not only a great journalist, but a wonderful man.

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