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During my career I’ve been pleased to serve the wine industry in a variety of expert roles, including

– moderating educational and wine tasting panels

– conducting wine education seminars

– speaking at university classes in wine, winery P.R., marketing, blogging, wine reviewing, etc.

– hosting wine and food pairing dinners

– book signings and lectures

If you’re interesting in obtaining my services, please email me at, or call me at 510-893-7479.

Steve speaking at Kendall Jackson book signing event

Steve speaking at Kendall Jackson book signing event

  1. christine shields says:

    I believe the quote is attributable to John Adams though I state so without googling which would be unethical. You do offer a free subscription. If I am wrong it was Thomas Jefferson.

  2. Dear Christine, the source I have in mind was neither Adams nor Jefferson, or any other U.S. President.

  3. I would like to invite you out to Annapolis to meet and have a firsthand look at the situation regarding the big forestland conversions planned for our watershed. Annapolis Winery for lunch comes to mind.
    All the Best,
    Chris Poehlmann
    Friends of the Gualala River

  4. Do you have a list of the top 10 winerys to visit in california. If a person only had two days to visit northern california, where would you send them to find the best wines?


  5. Necole, there are so many good wineries to visit, I couldn’t narrow them down to the top ten! Have a great trip.

  6. Nor could he limit them to Northern California.

    You’d loev the relaxed and authentic wine country vibe in Santa Barbara County. If you make it to the area, contact me for an appointment.

  7. Also, I’ve heard Steve moderate and speak, and he is knowledgeable, passionate, professional and (most importantly) interesting to listen to.

  8. Steve, I am sure you will get many requests. Best wishes.

  9. Hello Steve:

    I was reading your blog about Sam Sebastiani’s La Chertosa brand. I’m the designer. There seems to be some confusion since two websites were in the press release. When I clicked on “La Chertosa” it went to the Winemaker’s Island. The wines on that site are obsolete. Could you change it so it goes to

    Thank you,
    Patti Britton
    Britton Design

  10. Patti: Done! Thank you.

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